My Odd Sock Flemmy Awards

My Odd Sock Flemmy Awards


It is Academy Awards’ week!

And in true copy-cat fashion, it’s also time for the 43rd Annual My Odd Sock Flemmy Awards, celebrating the worst of the My Odd Sock worst of 2011.


The prestigious My Odd Sock Flemmy Award
The prestigious My Odd Sock Flemmy Award



All nominees dream of winning the coveted Flemmy!

Purchased at a neighbor’s garage sale, the Flemmy represents all that is why a young teen shouldn’t do drugs…and why a mother should have held a tighter grip on her baby as she was descending the stairs.




awards audience

Anyway, after emptying their bladders, our star-studded audience has settled into their seats.


audience 2


The orchestra has been cued and the judges have been bribed.


So, let us begin the My Odd Sock Flemmy Awards!



Our first category is…..the “Most Spiteful Comment of The Year.”

Culled from hundreds of hateful comments left on these pages…the Flemmy goes to….


inboxEarlean Velunza AND Lizeth Menefield.

A first ever tie!

Earlean wrote…”You truly suck even a monkey does it far better.”

and Lizeth wrote…”That is the dumbest thing I’ve read today.  Congrats, you putz.”




Next, we honor the Flemmy for the “Kodak/Anne Leibovitz You’ve Got Too Much Time Photography Award.”

And the Flemmy goes to…


Being mauled by a polar bear.
Being mauled by a polar bear.


From the post “A Day At The Zoo,” July 2011.

This photograph depicts My Odd Sock, who thanks to MS, stumbled & fell into the polar bear enclosure.

Thanks to organ transplants and 257 stitches, it is worth it to receive this Flemmy!





Our next Flemmy is the “Reader’s Choice Award.”

Voted by you, the Flemmy goes to….


please stand by


The “Please Stand By” message!

Due to computer problems back in March, My Odd Sock was forced to display this image.

Readers were overjoyed they didn’t have to suffer through My Odd Sock’s weak attempt at writing!




And what’s an award show without the much dreaded dance production, right?

Please hold your smattering of applause as we present the….


The My Odd Sock "Rollator Dance Review."
The My Odd Sock "Rollator Dance Review."



My Odd Sock “Rollator Dance Review!”




Please, give it up one more time for the “Rollator Dance Review!”

That was inspired choreography…and FREE, as Medicare payed for it all!



Let’s get back to the show as we present the Flemmy for the “Best Humor Post.” 

After careful consideration (about five seconds worth) the Flemmy goes to….


Be careful of paper cuts.
Be careful of paper cuts.



“Opportunity of A Lifetime” from April, about a writer’s dream of working for The New York Times.







Our final Flemmy is for the “Best MS Post.” 

Because I am tired of writing…the Flemmy goes to…






“MS Texting Shortcuts” from September of 2011!





So that does it for the My Odd Sock Flemmy Awards!

Thank you for your readership throughout the past year and hopefully, into the future.

Keep moving & best regards.  Good night!


2 Replies to “My Odd Sock Flemmy Awards”

  1. I had to go back to April and find your “Opportunity of a Lifetime” post, how did I miss that one? Wait, that was the month I had all those gallbladder attacks. Good excuse.

    Being a writer who is mostly not also an author, I could completely relate. We all want that validation from “the club” and rarely get it. But we write to be read and we do find our audience. Whether it’s a large or small group, it’s gratifying to know somebody was moved, made to laugh–or inspired to unfavorably compare us to a monkey humorist, LOL.

    Loved the polar bear mauling photo. And the rollator review–which reminded me of that scene in “The Producers.” (Was that done with wheelchairs?) Slightly disappointed that the Apple Clones pic didn’t win, that was my fave. Gotta work on my bribery skills.

  2. Kim,
    Dead-on with your assessment of why we do what we do.

    I forgot about the Apple Clones picture. Sorry!

    Thank you for your readership & valued input!