MS Awareness Month Greeting Cards

MS Awareness Month Greeting Cards



MS March


March is celebrated as “MS Awareness Month” (Wee-haw!).


So I went to the neighborhood card shop to pick up a box or two of greeting cards.  I figured, what better way to honor this gimpy month than by sharing my spirit of the season with family & friends!


Greeting Cards


Much to my dismay, I couldn’t find ANY cards that shared my enthusiasm for the month.

Maybe you have had the same problem.


That’s why the staff of My Odd Sock (me) has created several verses you can use to make your OWN greeting cards for MS Awareness Month.



*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *



A grass stain on your knee…

The bruise on your hip…

and a scrape on your arm.


You wear your MS well!

Have a safe & healthy MS Awareness Month.


*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *





I “fell” in love….

the moment you picked me up off the floor!

Happy MS Awareness Month





*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *



Avonex, Rolodex.

Rebif, what if?

Gotta walk, slurry talk.

Foot drop, must stop.

Jumpy legs, two dead pegs.

Neurologists, full of shits.

MS, gotta fess.

Kicks my ass, this will pass.

Awareness Month, pulls no punch.

March to be, is happy to me!


*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *


Your walker is shiny.


Reachers close at hand.

Your progress is tiny.

MRI costs three grand!

Enjoy this month, it’s special for you.

Wear your lesions proudly, your MS is true!




*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *


An MSer’s Day Trip Checklist





Parking Pass………….Check.


Empty Bladder……….Check.

Comfortable Shoes….Check.

Cooling Vest……………Check.

Screw it, I’m exhausted.  I’ll go tomorrow!

Don’t put off celebrating this March!


*         *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *


Relapsing-Remitting, your MS is befitting.

Shuffling, wavering, you’re safest with butt sitting.

Have a seat for MS Awareness Month.


*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *


Charlize Theron



I have taken my sleep pills and shot of Betaseron…

Now, it’s bedtime and dreams of Charlize Theron!


Hope you have a dreamy MS Awareness Month.




Don’t worry, here is one for the ladies…..



Zac Efron 2


I’ve taken my sleep pills and shot of Betaseron…

Now it’s bedtime and dreams of Zac Efron!


Hope you have a dreamy MS Awareness Month.





*          *         *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *


shot pattern

Thigh, butt, back of arm.

Other side now, that’s the charm.

Vary your shot pattern, it is the key.

Would come up with more, but have to pee.



*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *


I hope you have enjoyed My Odd Sock’s “MS Awareness Month” greeting cards.

Feel free to come up with your own and share them with the rest of us!

I gotta go, what’s a greeting card without an envelope, right?  So I am busy producing the first-ever Baclofen-laced adhesive!  Seal your envelopes and get a full dosage of anti-spasticity meds!

Happy March!














9 Replies to “MS Awareness Month Greeting Cards”

  1. You’re totally nuts, but these are quite good!! Why not sell them through one of the MS organizations? They sure do make us laugh!

  2. Not to knock MS organizations but why not sell these to Hallmark! To report to you the progress of my MS. I have progressed from “relapsing remitting” to progressive. MS has wiped out my bladder so I now have a “super pubic catheter” and now pee down my leg into a bag. I guess the good news is I can sit, visit and drink several cups of coffee without having to run to the restroom. Keep up the great blog!

  3. Great to hear from you, Robert! (I was worried!)

    You can be my first customer.

    Welcome to the “Progressive” MS Club. We are a high-brow group with eclectic tastes. You should be receiving your “Progressive MS” ID card and will be informed of our secret handshake (It’s no secret–our hands just shake naturally!)

    All my best,
    Odd Sock

  4. I don’t think this guy is very funny, and believe me, my comedic taste is far from sophisticated.

  5. Thanks for the laughs sock. Bathroom, bathroom, get out of the bathroom…

  6. Hello, I am on Betaseron this is the same type of medication as Rebif bescuae it is an interferon. I also have depression but I take an anti-depressant so that helps. The injection site reactions with Betaseron haven’t been that bad and as long as I take advil about an hour before I inject I feel just fine. It has worked well for me so far. It has been about a year now. Good luck with everything!