Dumb Ads & Stuff

Dumb Ads & Stuff



A title is supposed to draw attention to, intrigue and tantalize the reader.

The title “Dumb Ads & Stuff” does anything but!

I didn’t know what to call this collection of oddball, unrelated items found around the My Odd Sock compound, so we’ll leave it at “Dumb Ads & Stuff.

Let’s get to it…



Yuck, it's gross alright.
Yuck, it's gross alright.


Speaking of titles, here is the cover of a textbook I found here at home.

(Makes a nice coffee table book, doesn’t it?)

“Introduction to Human Gross Anatomy.”

Does the author really need to tell me it is “gross?”  It’s a book about anatomy * everything icky inside–of course it’s gross!

I nearly passed out at the local drugstore when they pricked my finger for a cholesterol test, thanks for the warning this book is “gross!”


What’s next….



Losing weight with Nutrisystem
Losing weight with Nutrisystem



Ah, here is a Nutrisystem ad featuring a thin-again Janet Jackson.

She looks great here promoting a fine product that has helped thousands lose weight by eating sensibly.





The problem isn’t with this Nutrisystem ad, but the ad placed across from it in the flyer…


Dig in!
Dig in!


Hey now…”Seafood for two!” (or one really hungry dieter!)

Just look at that…fried fish, fried shrimp, french fries–even Ms. Jackson on the opposite page is licking her chops!

Steady on, Jan!

That is ad placement at its finest!



Moving along…



"Happy Birthday little Jimmy, happy birthday to you!"
"Happy Birthday little Jimmy, happy birthday to you!"

Located inside the same flyer with the Nutrisystem ad, I noticed this one…

The “Access Internet Sweepstakes Parlor” has a lot going on here.

But what caught my eye (I circled it) was the point “Ask about our Birthday Party Package.”

(Kids)…”Mr. Odd Sock, we just passed Chuck E. Cheese, aren’t we going there?

(Odd Sock)…Naw, kids, we’re going to the Sweepstakes Parlor!  Who wants to play “Lucky Sevens?”

(Kids all together)…Yea!!!



What else…



Sign up now!
Sign up now!

Lastly, in our local paper, I found this tiny advertisement (So small I had to enlarge–sorry for poor quality!)

“Fencing Classes Begin Soon.”

Apparently not soon enough for the figure on the left.  This dude is taking a saber to the gullet!

He’ll need a blood transfusion by the end of this class!

My God, who is his fencing partner, Zorro? 

Zorro pays no attention to the red-heart target area on his fencing uniform–he goes right for the throat!  Hey why not take out an eye while you’re working the head!

I gotta believe there isn’t a lot of interest in fencing.  It is a lost skill set.  Popularity began to fade after the Dark Ages!


Rollator FencingThe ad says “All Ages.”

Great, I’ll be seeing this…..


That’s all we need going on at the Senior Center…

Harold taking blood thinners combined with a little sword play!

Better call 911 right now.



I’m done.  Hope you have a tremendous weekend!



8 Replies to “Dumb Ads & Stuff”

  1. My husband was a fencer, we even have an epee in our umbrella stand near the door (suitable for use on unwelcome guests)! Hubby looked at your ad and noted that making a thrust to the neck is a definite no-no. Tyrone Power and Basil Rathbone would be turning in their graves if they saw that!

  2. Kim,
    No kidding, your husband was a “fencer?” I’ve never known anyone who has done that.

    Due to the marks on my face, people have asked if I was a “fencer”…I
    admitted they were just acne scars.

    (Sorry, that’s a pretty bad joke!)

  3. Most of the really dumb ads I see are on TV but your column certainly brought laughs. One of my problems is concentration so as I read your blog my mind wonders. Your first image is a text book and made me remmber that in high school Enmglish we had toread “The Lady of the Lake by Sir Francis Scott I believe. We all mad our own book covers and renamed it, “The Bitch of the Bog”. When I got to the part about diets I remembered tat when I go on a diet, I always goon two diets at a time so I can get enough to eat. Keep up the good work. (Please forgive my sloppy typing)

  4. Bob,
    Don’t worry, my mind wonders as I read this blog as well!
    I like your title better!
    Thanks for reading.

  5. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after looking at some of the posts I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely pleased I discovered it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back often!