The colossal console
The colossal console


There are TV networks devoted to all sports (ESPN), news (CNN), weather (The Weather Channel), kid’s (Nickelodeon), races (BET & Telemundo), even political affiliations…right-wing (Fox) and left-wing (Comedy Central)!


But finally, for those of us with multiple sclerosis, there is a now a tv network that caters to our specific entertainment.  Yes, YOU are the target audience!






MStv!  Multiple Sclerosis Television


My Odd Sock was fortunate enough to attend a preview screening of the programs to be seen on MStv.


Here are just a few of what you’ll enjoy…


“The Mentalist”    Drama.  A show about a person with MS who can’t seem to remember anything.

Always losing their car keys and forgetting appointments.  Put it on your list to watch “The Mentalist!”



Watch your step!
Watch your step!


“Wipeout”   Competition.  Like this show needs any explanation!

“Wipeout” features foot-droppers who stumble their way through a multi-surface obstacle course.




“60 Minutes”   Not a news program.  This “60 Minutes” is about the length of time an MSer can hold his or her bladder.




MStv logo
MStv logo



“Jeopardy”   Sitcom.  An MSer in a power wheelchair who constantly gets stuck in a department store entrance by an automatic handicap door that closes much too quickly!




“Dirty Jobs”   Reality.  Host Mike Rowe cleans up MSers who continually spill & drop food on themselves.



disabled parking


“Law & Order: DMV”   Drama.  It is the quest of one person with MS to obtain a handicap parking placard.  The show exposes the seedy side of a visit to the license bureau.




“Two & A Half Men”   Sitcom.  The number of guys it takes to lift a wheelchair over a non-accessible curb!




MStv logo
MStv logo



“Amazing Race”   Reality Competition.  Teams of MSers battle to see who can make it to the bathroom first without wetting themselves.





“Up All Night”   Sitcom.  An MSer’s twitchy legs spasm, jump & shake for a restless night of slumber.



wheel of fortune


“Wheel of Fortune”   Gameshow.  Contestants spin the wheel to win approval of their Social Security disability.

Will they solve the puzzle or hit “bankrupt” while they wait?



“The Doctors”   Talk Show.  A panel of four, good-looking medical specialists have no answers about your MS, but insist on seeing you every three to six months to tell you nothing once again!



So, that’s just a sampling of what you will soon enjoy on the new “MStv” Network.

Have an idea for a show you would like to see on MStv?  Leave a comment, we’d love to hear about it!

Please check your local listings or call your cable provider for availability & channel information.  (Not available in all areas.)

Happy surfing!


Check your local listings or call your cable provider for channel information






10 Replies to “MS TV”

  1. “Real Cripples of Beverly Hills.” A reality show that follows the lives of four MS patients who live in a repossessed mansion and are given facelifts, hot rock massages, personal hair stylists, and botox injections for their crow’s feet.

    First episode is titled: “It is better to look good than to feel good.”

  2. “Modern Disabled Family.” A sitcom featuring Alan, an MS patient who is blind, his daughter, Prudence, an MS patient who is deaf (although her neurologist, Dr. Fear, claims it is psychosomatic since MS doesn’t cause deafness), and grandpa Cecil, who has progressive MS and is completely dependent on Alan and Prudence for his care. The family cannot afford home health care.

    Don’t miss the premiere episode when Alan and Prudence attempt to give Grandpa Cecil dinner and a bath. Nonstop laughs. TV Guide proclaims this is a “must see to believe” show.

  3. “Justified.” Gripping revenge thriller featuring newly diagnosed MS patient Harvey Amateur, a grocery store manager turned killer who hunts down his former PCPs, psychiatrists, and neurologists who insisted it was all in his head.

    Unique climax in each episode; let’s just say you won’t see the deli counter quite the same way again.

  4. ROTFL…

    Kim & Sock, awesome stuff. I can’t wait for the new season to begin. Now, how do I put that on the Nielsen surveys…hmm. lol

  5. Maybe you should add Kim to your staff there at OddSock Central? Those were some great ideas! 🙂

  6. Carol,

    I agree–funny, funny stuff.
    Unfortunately, we don’t have it in the office supplies budget to add another staff member at this time. Plus, I only have one handicap parking space.
    Thanks for reading & commenting!

  7. Hysterical! One of my favorites! I posted it on my Facebook page.

    PS I am wondering how the heck you come up with this stuff every week??? Your sense of humor rocks.