How Far Has She Fallen

How Far Has She Fallen



Statue of Liberty 2

She is.

The icon of freedom.

A symbol of hope.  The emblem of opportunity.

A welcoming foresight of a better life…and new beginnings.



She is…Lady Liberty.  And she is the motherly ambassador, the representative of all that stands for this great country of ours…thee United States of America!


Statue of Liberty 3


Since 1886, thousands…MILLIONS of immigrants were first greeted by her sovereign warmth.

Her stake in prosperity.

And her defiant stare of safe haven.



Statue of Liberty 1



“Give me your tired, your poor–your huddled masses yearning to be free.”



But what exactly happened to this glorious totem?

How does one explain this fall of symbolism?

For her cause I support.  Yet, this long-standing “Wal-Mart Greeter” of America has stumbled.




And I found her in my neighborhood…..

America's beautiful lady
America's beautiful lady



For the Lady who for over a century has welcomed weary immigrants to the land of opportunity…..

…has today been forshortened to greet passing motorists to have their taxes done!




Yes, some naysayers may dismiss her as just another “celeb” gone bad.

But My Odd Sock sees a backbone of perseverance.  A will as durable as her polyester costume.


Proud to be a sock!
Proud to be a sock!


My Odd Sock sees a Lady Liberty pulling on her Sketchers one at a time.

Working.  Waving to those cars!

Her shoulders may ache–but she doesn’t feel it.  Because she is compelled by fortitude…fueled by the honking motorists.

It is the hard-working symbolism of Lady Lib that has, and continues to drive this great nation’s breath of accomplishment.


God Bless Lady Liberty!


3 Replies to “How Far Has She Fallen”

  1. Yep, immigrants came to this country thinking the streets were paved with gold–then found out they were the ones that had to do the paving.

    Now their descendents are standing on the pavement, beckoning the common people to come and learn how to let go of material things (like their money), wearing a flowing robe and a crown of spikes–which sounds suspiciously like another well-known icon…

  2. I’ll miss my Walmart greeters. We have had the same ones for years. At one time we had a greeter in a wheel chair. I thought that was great to see that WalMart had hired someone with a disability. Actually, I always thought it was a disability because he was young, not elderly.