A Soggy Cereal Saga

A Soggy Cereal Saga


Magically delicious!
Magically delicious!

Blake sat with a puzzled look on his scruffy, morning face.

He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and wondered what had happened to his favorite breakfast fare.

Something was different.  It didn’t feel quite right.

Wipe the milk from your chin, young Blake and I shall explain the cereal squeeze.




Here’s the skinny

Cereal manufacturers are feeling the pinch of higher costs as are other food companies.

Thus, you probably have noticed you are getting less product for the same (if not higher) price.

Duh, not that this is any big, earth-shattering revelation!

But I just love how the cereal companies try to hide the fact that the consumer is getting less.


How do they measure up?
How do they measure up?


The box fronts have remained the same size.  (God forbid they surrender any shelf space at the local Piggly Wiggly!)  But you may have noticed your box of cereal is getting REEEAALL skinny.

Maybe my hands grew from the steroid infusion, some have wondered.

Personally, I’ve read thicker magazines!

In fact, the packet of instructions jammed in Avonex are wider than a box of Fruit Loops!



Apple Jacks


Yum, these sound delicious!
Yum, these sound delicious!


The other morning I found myself enjoying a bowl of Apple Jacks. 

Not just Apple Jacks mind you—these were Apple Jacks Apple Clones” cereal.


Don’t you think the word “clones” is a bit strange to call a kid’s cereal?


Gimme a heapin bowl of Clones!
Gimme a heapin bowl of Clones!

The name is even trademarked with a little “TM.” 

Like any one in their right mind would steal the name “Apple Clones.”

Yeah, General Mills is kicking themselves because they didn’t come up with it first!

“Apple Clones.”  Really?

Am I eating breakfast…..or a science experiment?




“Dolly” the sheep is notably the world’s most famous clone.

As you might expect from a “clone”, she looks identical to her counterpart.



My Odd Sock wanted to see how “Apple Clones” stacked up to their real counterpart, so we conducted an experiment.


Find the apple among these "clones."
Find the apple among these "clones."



In our experiment, we asked volunteers to find the apple that has been carefully hidden among several apple “clones.”


Can YOU find the “real” apple in this picture?

Look carefully.



And so this ends “A Soggy Cereal Saga.”

Now that you are wiser, please continue to pour the milk my morning brethren, as cereal continues to be a good part of your nutritious breakfast.


4 Replies to “A Soggy Cereal Saga”

  1. Doug, I laughed so hard reading this…thanks for making me spit out my morning coffee (Starbucks espresso roast–fifty cents per sip)!

    The visuals did me in, lining up the apple amongst the cereal clones.

    Gosh, I needed that bit of merriment today 🙂

  2. Too funny…I’m going to check my pantry once I’m finished here to see this new marketing falsehood.

  3. What about Cheerios? They just introduced a new variety,” Multi Grain Peanut Butter Cheerios”. Being a lover of peanut butter, I had to buy a box. Haven’t tried them yet, still have a box of the “Honey Nut Cheerios” open. Out of curiosity, I went to the website for General Mills, and was surprised to learn that there were 13 varieties of Cheerios currently on the market. With that many varieties, there are enough to form a “Cheerios of the Month” club. 🙂