Five Fav–TV Sitcoms

Five Fav–TV Sitcoms



The colossal console
The colossal console

My Odd Sock routinely avoids the pressing issues of the day…to instead, openly debate the ridiculous.

And today, is no exception!


I want to know YOUR five favorite TV sitcoms.  The shows you never missed!  The kind of TV sitcom that caused you to rearrange your social calendar.  (I never had a social calendar, so I watched ALOT of TV!)



Here are My Odd Sock’s “Five Fav” TV sitcoms…




All In The FamilyAll In The Family-   In my opinion, the greatest TV show ever.

“All In The Family” was so wrong–yet, so right on the social issues of the period.  The show exploited ignorance and ruffled feathers.  There has never been, no will there ever be a program as truthful (and funny) as “All In The Family.”






M*A*S*H–   An awesome show!  How can a TV show about a war that lasted two years–be on the tube for eleven years?  I’ll tell you how…with great writing and a fantastic cast of characters.

Did you know the final episode was one of the highest rated shows in history?  M*A*S*H is definitely one of my “Five Fav” TV sitcoms!




Wonder years The Wonder Years-   Maybe I love this show because I was about the same age of the lead character (Fred Savage) growing up in the early to mid 1970’s.

“The Wonder Years” mixed narration, visual images and music to make a point that really made you reflect (even with a big, empty head like mine!).





evrybody loves raymond


Everybody Loves Raymond-   A great show that everyone could/can relate to.  If you don’t know someone like “Frank” (the dad), you must live in a bubble!

“Raymond” is constantly on TV in reruns—and I watch them over & over!  That is the sign of a good program—when you have seen it before, but you enjoy watching it again.  And again.





Seinfeld-   Ditto for “Seinfeld.”  I have seen each episode countless times, but I can’t look away!

The characters are so different, so quirky…and the writing is superb!  How “Seinfeld” weaves four different subplots into one, common final thread is mastery!



Here are some of my other favorite TV sitcoms that were close, but didn’t quite make the cut…

The Beverly Hillbillities

Sanford & Son

The Odd Couple



Green Acres

Get Smart


WKRP In Cincinnati

Barney Miller

and anything with Bob Newhart.


How do your “Five Fav” TV sitcoms compare?

Please share yours in a comment as I am dying to know what channel you are watching!



















7 Replies to “Five Fav–TV Sitcoms”

  1. I share your taste show for show–which places us firmly in the same generation. We grew up with the last vestiges of vaudeville, magnificently played out in M*A*S*H. Larry Gelbart is still a god to me, rest his hilarious soul!

  2. Ditto your Fav’s plus “Frasier” and “The Nanny”. Gotta love the TV Land Channel. Also like TV Lands originals “Hot in Cleveland”, Who doesn’t like Betty White? and “The Exes” (Stars “Turk” and “Newman”.

  3. Margaret,
    Good shows as well!
    And you are right about Betty White…I have a lot of respect for anyone who can hang in there as long as she has—and deliver with superb performances in every show! I think I would watch Betty White folding laundry!

    Larry Gelbart IS a genius. Larry David too. Maybe it’s the name. Think I’ll change my name to “Larry!”

  4. I forgot to come back after thinkin about it 😉
    Golden Girls is at the top of my list!
    Anything Red Skelton
    Carol Burnett Show
    I am sure there’s more. Oldies are goodies.

  5. A dear friend (yes, I have one or two) wanted to weigh-in on this topic but couldn’t get her comment to post.
    So here it is…

    “I’d like to write a book about this topic, but I’ll spare you and stay as brief as I can.

    Number One- Dick Van Dyke
    A classy comedy that still feels contemporary. Carl Reiner addressed religion, racism, marriage, parenting, and the phoniness of modern media with warm wit, broad slapstick, and a killer cast. (And without screaming, unlike Norman Lear.)

    Number Two- Arrested Development
    The smartest comedy ever. So sharp it hurts, with another cast that just keeps on giving. Eternal thanks to my son who got it immediately, then kept watching until the rest of us climbed onboard, too.

    Number Three- Mary Tyler Moore
    How I spent my Saturday nights in high school. Who cares if I never had a date? I had spunky Mary in her wouldn’t-it-be-great-if-broadcasting-were-really-like-this TV newsroom, and another group of amazing characters—like Chuckles the Clown.

    Number Four-Cheers
    Here I agree with you, Mr. Sock. A long-running show that was strong enough to switch around cast members like Red Sox outfielders, it had heart, balls, and a great big liver. And one of the most poignant love stories on TV. I gave up on M*A*S*H long before CBS did, but I never gave up my weekly trips to the bar where everybody knew my name.

    Number Five-30 Rock
    It stumbled after the first few seasons, but what a first few seasons! Unbelievable lines delivered by a veteran cast sprinting through the halls of Rockefeller Center just like the dysfunctional misfits you always imagined them to be. All hail, the only worthy Baldwin!

    (Actually, Seinfeld could have been #5, but I chose 30 Rock instead because I’m a sexist, and because Wilco got mentioned in an episode last season.)”