2011 My Odd Sock MS Senseless Survey

2011 My Odd Sock MS Senseless Survey


surveyAnnually, My Odd Sock conducts a very sophisticated, highly complex study of the latest trends facing those with multiple sclerosis.

This year, YOU have been chosen to participate in this mindless survey of ridiculousness.


Using a #3 pencil, please answer each question as it relates to you and your MS.


You may begin…as we present the…

2011 My Odd Sock MS Senseless Survey


Question 1-

The medication instruction sheet in a box of MS drugs…

a)   describes the proper method of injection.

b)   notes any possible side effects.

c)   is large enough to be used as a decorative tablecloth!

Rebif?  How charming!
Rebif? How charming!



Question 2-

Ampyra and Gilenya are…

a)   medications used in MS treatment.

b)   MS medications that work for some, but not all.

c)   names of Cinderella’s ugly step-sisters.



Question 3-


a)   stands for “Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency.”

b)   is being studied as a potential contributor to MS.

c)   is the ship identification number on the side of Star Trek’s “Enterprise.”



Question 4-

The push-button, power-assisted entrance doors at the mall…

a)   assist me with my shopping.

b)   are handy when using a mobility aid.

c)   never give me enough time without being crushed in the threshold of the door frame.



Question 5-

For Halloween, my favorite MS costume is…

a)   “House”  (cane)

b)   “Ironside” or F.D.R.  (wheelchair)

c)   Stephen Hawking  (power scooter)



Question 6-

When I see a “Caution Wet Floor” sign…

wet floor 2

a)   I am careful with each step.

b)   I realize the floor may be slick.

c)   I wonder if I just peed myself.



Question 7-

A visit with my neurologist…

a)   is important to note changes in my condition.

b)   alerts me of any new treatment options.

c)   is a good way to kiss 200 bucks goodbye and get nothing in return.



Question 8-

Rituximab and Ocrelizumab are…

a)   two medications used in the treatment of MS.

b)   given by IV infusion.

c)   Russian tag-team wrestlers in the WWE.



Question 9-

Using a shower chair…

a)   allows me to bathe without assistance.

b)   reduces MS related fatigue.

c)   makes incredible noises as I slide my wet ass across the seat.



Question 10-

Rollator FencingThis picture represents…

a)   people who can enjoy combative activities despite their medical condition.

b)   remaining active is the key to quality of life.

c)   two MSers fighting for the last dose of Copaxone.



This completes your participation in the 2011 My Odd Sock MS Senseless Survey.

Thank you for your lost time and wasted efforts.

Your answers will be carefully studied, noted and carelessly discarded as if anyone really give a hoot.

(Maybe the 2012 Survey will be more serious!)


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