Halloween Hoopla

Halloween Hoopla



My Odd Sock salutes Halloween and everything surrounding this spooky “pseudo” holiday!



Here are some observations made in and around the My Odd Sock corporate HQ….



Saw this car parked nearby…




And you thought that bug you hit was a big one!









IMG_0414Yummy, my favorite treat…Indian corn.


Just wondering though, in this day of political-correctness, shouldn’t this candy be called “Native-American corn?”


(Doesn’t have the same ring!)






More people than ever are decorating their homes for Halloween.


Here is one such home I found….



Can you find what is so frightening about this display?







house 4 revWhat’s scary is having not one, not two, but THREE damn satellite dishes on the roof!

NORAD isn’t as connected as this place!

I’ve seen fewer dishes in a cafeteria!


I can’t find anything on TV with basic cable.  Is this really necessary?


Oh well, have a happy Halloween!






4 Replies to “Halloween Hoopla”

  1. Happy Halloween to you too!!

    Candy corn is one of my favorite Halloween candy. Never seen it called Indian corn. Gonna start taking a closer look when in the candy aisle to see if I ever see it called that here.

  2. I enjoy Halloween. I like seeing the little kids dressed up and having a good time. If you come trick or treating to my house I have a huge lighted pumpkin by my front door and a huge spider web covering my garage door. I am much older than you and I remember when we made treats to pass out. My family always made and passed out popcorn balls. Those were the days before it became popular to poison candy and put things in it. A sad commentary on our society.

  3. Being a fellow blogger I am fully aware that it can be hard to think of entertaining article ideas all the time. So I just want to say: job well done! Regards, Thomas Poree