Brain Drain #15

Brain Drain #15


DrainWelcome to “Brain Drain #15.”

As in the previous 14, this post gives your esteemed author the opportunity to have a brain movement (BM) and purge the cranium of some unwanted and utterly ridiculous thoughts & observations.


Let’s get to it shall we…..



Vote For Me

It’s election time and My Odd Sock has found a candidate who has his blessing….



Yes, Pope is running for Trustee!

This will be a landslide race, I mean, who wouldn’t vote for the Pontiff!

This will be so cool to see Pope driving to the trustee meeting in the Popemobile…Waving to his constituents from inside the snow-globe bubble.  So cool when Pope wears his tall, post-hole digger Pope hat while discussing the community waste-water problems!

I can hardly wait till election day.

Moving right along…



Dress-Up Time

Joseph A Bank

Joseph A. Bank is a franchise selling suits & fine men’s clothing.  They advertise on local TV with sale offers that get bigger & better each week.

The “Buy-One-Get-One-Free” deal is small potatoes at Joseph A. Bank!  The sale this week was “Buy one suit at regular price—get two more suits free!  Plus, get five silk ties free!”

Most times I wonder how they can stay in business.

Even my teenage son remarked “How can they give away that much crap?”

(Yes, he has the command of the language much like his father!)


What’s next….


Heigh-ho Heigh-ho



OK, I’m all for cute, but this is demoralizing.

A postcard from Ashton-Drake Galleries fell out of the magazine I was reading.

Ashton-Drake Galleries are known for creating collectible dolls.  This postcard was promoting its latest work of babies dressed as the seven dwarfs.



sven dwarfs rev 2I pity the poor baby portraying “Dopey.”

Being labeled at such a young age is unfair.  This kid is destined to ride the short bus. 

As a youngster, this doll will surely be ridiculed by the other cooler, prettier dolls.  Until finally reaching the breaking point, this angry, troubled doll will steal a Tonka truck and run over Ken & Barbie, killing them both.

Or maybe not.





TV Time



CBS has a new crime-drama TV show called “Unforgettable.”

“Unforgettable” stars Poppy Montgomery as a NYPD detective with a real-life medical condition that allows her to have total recall of everything she sees, hears and experiences.  Remembering every situation, every conversation, every place, person and thing that has occured in her life.

Oh, did I mention her character is……female?

Of course not–I don’t have to!  We males, know ALL females already have this ability!

Males can’t remember what they put on their morning toast, but females are quick to remind us of something we said–or did 10..20..25 years ago!

Is this such a rare medical condition?  Not in my book.  Not at all!

Wait, what was I talking about?  Oh yeah, the TV show.

I need to end this sideshow.


So that’s all I have for this “Brain Drain.”  If you would like to declutter your brain-case, go ahead and spill your guts with a comment.

Otherwise, I’ll plug the hole and begin filling the sink for next time!

Happy draining!



3 Replies to “Brain Drain #15”

  1. You missed one point. The child early marked as dopey may have a future in politics. People who take that career path do not need the ability to remember everything as they make up everything as they go.

  2. Yes, I, too, once possessed that superhuman faculty of female-total-recall-of-every-word-a-man-has-said-going-back-to-the-Eisenhower-Administration.

    Multiple Sclerosis, however, has worked like Kryptonite on this superpower–much to my husband’s delight. Men, there is hope on the horizon!