You’ve Got Forwarded Mail

You’ve Got Forwarded Mail


Low budget C.G.I.
Low budget C.G.I.

Most email messages aren’t worth the mouse click to send them—OR, the mouse click to delete them.

Take for instance the popular “If you believe this message, please forward to everyone you know.”  And if you don’t believe “just delete it and be scorned the rest of your life–you worthless piece of maggot dung.”


(It doesn’t say that specifically, but that’s how they want you to feel!)


Here is an example of an email I received just the other day…..



To:  My Odd Sock

Subject:  Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: I Love Puppies!


puppy 1


Puppies are cute and adorable.

They are one of God’s beautiful creations!

Fuzzy and playful puppies steal our hearts with their joyful frolic.




If you love puppies as well, please forward this message to everyone in your address book.

Or, by choosing to delete this message, innocent puppies could be killed!


puppies 2


You must spread the word about cute puppies, so please forward this message to all who care because we don’t want puppies to be killed.




puppy 2

Preserve the pitter-pat of little puppy feet.  A puppy’s innocent eyes and floppy ears.

By forwarding this message, you’ll keep hope for puppies in our hearts.

But by deleting this message, puppies could be killed!  It is your decision.  Act now!




So that’s the skinny of these emails.  Certainly just a scam to collect email addresses by an Internet marketing company  for tracking purposes.


The subject matter is always something ridiculously agreeable too.

Of course I love puppies, who doesn’t.

But I deleted it anyway.

In fact, this click-happy puppy “hater” deletes them all.

Therefore, My Odd Sock not only “hates” puppies—but I’ve also deleted emails for patriotism, America, terrorism, President Obama, global warming, veterans, oil dependency, cancer research, world famine, missing children, bank bailouts, dust bunnies, AIDS, drunk driving, domestic violence, taxes and toaster crumbs.

In other words, if you send it—I’ll delete it!

That’s just the way I roll, or shall I say “click!”



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