Around The Neighborhood

Around The Neighborhood


Here are some amusing things found near the My Odd Sock corporate headquarters….



pride of lions


It’s called a “pride of lions.”





gaggle of geese


A “gaggle of geese.”






flock of seagulls



A “Flock of Seagulls.”





But nesting in my basement, I found…



A bounty of Bounty?
A bounty of Bounty?



A “bounty of Bounty!”








*            *           *            *            *            *            *            *            *             *             *



My Odd Sock has always claimed to move slower than continental drift.


But finally, a sign to back the claim….


Move it, Tri-pod!
Move it, Tri-pod!


*            *            *            *            *             *              *            *             *             *             *


Finally, safety warning stickers can be found everywhere.  Cripes, my ladder has so many stickers–it looks like a Nascar!


Here is a safety sticker found on my lawn mower…


Hey buddy, you got a kid under your mower!
Hey buddy, you got a kid under your mower!

How graphic are these images?

The pic on the left warns you to “Look before Backing.”  Dude, it’s a little too late now—the poor kid has tread marks up his spine!

Meanwhile, the picture on the right looks like the child is being used as a front wheel!

Swear if I were this kid I would ask to be put up for adoption!  Run!  Get the hell away from the house before you get killed!


And imagine the poor artist whose job it was to create these doopey scenes.  He or she is kicking themselves about not being taken seriously as an artist.  “I went to freakin Art School for…THIS?”  (Bleep-Bleepity-Bleep)



Oh well.  Keep your eyes open for the goofy stuff around your home while enjoying the extended Labor Day holiday weekend!







3 Replies to “Around The Neighborhood”

  1. Donna,

    I take great offense to us “old geezers” chopping up neighborhood kids–I also do a number on squirrels, rabbits and household pets.

    Thanks for your comment!