MS Mixed Bag

MS Mixed Bag


Mixed Bag

What will you find in the My Odd Sock Mixed Bag?

Who knows!

Actually this mixed bag is a collection of various ideas I had about life with multiple sclerosis.  They are simply blinks of an idea—not enough meat to serve as a main entree–so I just lumped them together in a pot luck post.


So lets reach into the mixed bag and see what we can find…



Give me a B.  Give me an O.  Give me a T-O-X.


BotoxLast week was my quarterly appointment for Botox injections in my legs to fight spasticity.

The shots in my calves & inner thighs offer a three-month reprieve from muscle tightness, spasms and cramps.

Botox injections are the only shots I LOVE to receive!


Not only does the Botox help control my MS spasticity, it also makes my legs look younger.  Check out these before & after pictures…




Before Botox








After Botox treatment.







Hot And Heavy

I don’t have to tell you about how the summer’s heat & humidity are kicking our butts.

It feels as though my feet are wading through oatmeal with each heavy step!


Hulk Hands
Hulk Hands


And my hands?  Cripes, it’s fumble fingers to the Nth degree!  Forget those fiddly buttons on a shirt.  Plus, my text messages have more misspelled words than a five-year-old’s Christmas list!  (Damn small buttons!)


Even holding silverware can be a challenge when you have “Hulk Hands” due to high temps and choking humidity!




Where The Hell Is It?


If you think keeping track of a wandering toddler is difficult, try keeping tabs on a mobility aid (cane, crutches, rollator)!

I’ll lean my cane somewhere and “wall walk” somewhere else.  Then somewhere else.  Finally, I’ll need my cane and not remember where the heck I left it last!


A "Cane Klapper?"
A "Cane Klapper?"

I need some sort of signaling device that would let me know the location of my cane.  A “clap” or push of a button would make the cane  beep alerting me of its whereabouts.


To remedy this frequent lapse of memory, I try to lean my cane in the same go-to parking places…outside the bathroom door…at the bottom of the stairs…behind my chair in the dining room.

“Parking” my cane in the kitchen gets me aggravated because no matter which kitchen cabinet I place my cane in front of—THAT’S the cabinet I need to open!  “Friggin stick,” I’ll say.

(Disclaimer–A “Cane Klapper” would not solve my kitchen dilemma.  I just wanted to get it off my chest!)


Well, I warned you it was a motley assortment of MS stuff!

Anything you would care to add to the bag?  Go ahead and leave a comment.  We have plenty of room in the My Odd Sock MS Mixed Bag.




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  1. Nice legs there after the botox! It is also used for migraines, I told the doc the majority of the pain seemed to be in those deep wrinkles radiating from the outer corners of both eyes…