State of Politics

State of Politics


First and foremost, let me apologize.  I do not want to use these pages to speak about politics.  Because if you do, you automatically piss off fifty percent of the people.  And because My Odd Sock only has six followers, that means I’ve ticked off three of them. 

(OK, you caught me in a lie.  My Odd Sock only has four followers!)

But after hearing of the Washington D.C. “rugby scrum” taking place there over the past few weeks–it leaves me no choice but to run my yap!

The health care reform mess has every Congressional comb-over yelling & screaming and pounding their fists.  They carry-on worse than a classroom of cry-baby preschoolers.  Blaming this one…finger-pointing at that one.

Jackals or Politicians?
Jackals or Politicians?


Starving African jackals are better behaved!




What it all boils down to is the letter behind the politico’s name.

If someone comes up with an idea, lawmakers (and voters too) look to see if the person is an “R” or a “D.”  And if one doesn’t belong to that person’s political party—then the idea isn’t worth its weight in sh*#. 

It’s that simple.

This country’s 50-50 political party divisional battle line has become as pronounced as comparing the Rocky Mountains to Kansas.  And it seems to be getting larger!

Who’s to blame for this split thinking?

You can blame administrations, past & present.  You can blame political pundits.  You can even blame the emergence of poo-throwers like Rush “Fathead” Limbo, Glen “Bitch” Beck and the wayward cast of yahoos from the defunct Air America Network.

My point is, we’ve become the “Divided” States of America!



I’m a news junkie who loves to chat-up the issues.  But all of this political banter of late leaves a horrible taste in my mouth. 

Yes, health care needs fixed.  No, I’m not a fan of how reform was passed.  Is it good?  Who knows!  I want to say it’s good, but I’m so confused my head spins like Linda Blair.  Watch any news program and you see one political side slinging mud while the other side is busy patting themselves on the back so much they need rotator-cuff surgery!


Look, good ideas come from both sides of the aisle.

Welcome them.

Embrace them.

And get it done….

NOT for your party, but for the people.


God bless America?

We can only hope.


5 Replies to “State of Politics”

  1. Yes, YES, Y E S !

    Thank you for speaking my mind. It has become a huge mess that those D & R sides remind me many past wars and conflicts. It’s unreal how “partied” our country has become.

    Now seeing how this bill has passed, and being an MS activist. I am happy to see a few things that were in the bill that hopefully helps many in similar situations.

    Here we go:
    • Prohibit discrimination against an individual based on pre-existing health conditions;
    • Place limitations on out-of-pockets costs;
    • Provide access to long-term supports and services;
    • Expand the Medicaid program;
    • Provide subsidies to those who cannot afford coverage; and
    • Eliminate lifetime limits on the amount of benefits a person may receive.

    If these hold true, I know many people that will truly benefit at this point. I know the pre-existing clauses, OOP costs, coverage cost & Pesky lifetime limits are the huge ones listed. I’ve been bitten by these and know others that have been as well.

    Keep up the great subjects Sock, and even if this post does seem too heavy…just think…five years from now it will by humor. 🙂

    1. No, thank YOU Speck for presenting the good stuff of health care reform!
      I imagine the fight & struggle for FDR to institute Social Security was much the same.
      Today, many couldn’t live without it.

  2. I heard Tim Ryan use the same comparison on the radio the other morning. I immediately came home, downloaded the bill, and read most of it on my own. Of course this was after I was sent an email with lies about the bill. I was tempted to read all 1018 pages of it, but was reminded I had no real say in the big picture (dang parties). At least they could invite everyone to one of these parties…oh wait…they’re not social events. 😉 I think we’ll all have to wait and see how it all plays out.

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