Mobility Go-Ability

Mobility Go-Ability

bigger borderThere has been….

Ford vs. Chevy

Pepsi vs. Coke

Ali vs. Frazier


But today, we have…..

The “Thrilla of Mobila”



The Battle of Wheels and Steel!

Rollator vs.  Wheelchair (echo..”chair chair”)


OK, maybe it’s not as hyped as Ali vs. Frazier, but MSer’s who need mobility aids to “keep on truckin” DO have their preferences.

Just as some folks prefer Ford and others prefer Chevy, there are people who would rather use a wheelchair over a rollator.  But unlike the automotive rivals—you’ll never see a cartoon like this……



pee on walker

Personally, I’ll pick my wheelchair 99% of the time.

In the driver’s seat of my “chair” (there’s only 1 seat), I can maneuver like a Formula One driver!  Left.  Right.  In.  Out.  Speed up.  Brake hard.

Using a wheelchair, I feel less…..less disabled I suppose–as ironic as that sounds!

Walking with my cane or a rollator, I am still lurching & rolling worse than the S.S. Minnow on a 3 hour tour.  Not to mention the fatigue factor.  Walking with a rollator drains my “energy tank” similar to an SUV.


Tricked-out wheelchair
Tricked-out wheelchair
Tricked-out rollator
Tricked-out rollator
On the contrary, those who roll with a rollator love the versatility!  You can stand with it.  You can sit on it.  You can carry stuff with it.  Sounds like a gadget from an infomercial you gotta have!
OK, fans of the rollator, you got me there.  But just let me say…Do they make a…..ROLLATOR BARBIE?……
Wheelchair Barbie
Wheelchair Barbie
Ah ha, I think not!  That proves wheelchairs rule and rollators drool.
Just keep in mind, many who have “MS as their co-pilot” never ever ever have to use wheelchair or rollator.  Many get along just fine!  God bless’em.  I hope you never have to be ringside at the “Thrills of Mobila!”

One Reply to “Mobility Go-Ability”

  1. LMAO, I have them all as well, and they all have a very useful purpose in MS life. I agree on the fatigue being an issue, as well as the usefulness of a rollator seat. But, I still like my WalkEasy crutches for the versatility…even with fatigue. But, I like that tricked out chair now, that sure beats the POS I have for those long trips.