From the title, you might guess this My Odd Sock will either be about childbirth….or exercise.  (Although the more I think about it, what would “reach” have to do with childbirth?…Unless you were reaching  to strangle the guy who put you in this position!)

So yes, if you guessed this was about exercise—you were correct.



I have enjoyed working out since I was a young teen.  Exercise has always played a big role in my life.  And now since my MS diagnosis many years ago, I realize exercise plays an even bigger role.


Phew!  Me, taking a break between sets.
Phew! Me, taking a break between sets.


You see, through the years I’ve taken so many injectable meds I feel like a pin cushion at a Quilting Bee.  I’ve done IV steroids.  Swallowed a mountain of pills.  Endured a couple thousand bee stings.  But nothing…absolutely nothing… makes me feel better…than exercise!


Exercise eases my spasticity.  It improves my strength, balance & flexibility.  It helps me sleep.  And exercise lifts my spirit.

And it can do the same for you.  Guaranteed.


Odd Sock uses the Thighsizer.  Yes, I have one!
Odd Sock uses the Thighsizer. Yes, I have one!


Nope nope nope, I don’t want to hear your excuses.

          “I don’t have the time.”

Do you watch TV?  You can exercise during the commercials.  That adds up to a 16 minute workout per hour.

          “I don’t have the equipment.”

You don’t need fancy gear.  Plastic laundry jugs, even canned goods used as weights will give you the resistance you need.

          “I tire easily.”

Hey I know MS can KO your energy like a heavyweight boxer.  But you don’t have to work out like you’re on “The Biggest Loser.”  Just a little will do you wonders.  And exercise, even movement will bring you MORE energy!

Hitting the speed-bag for hand-eye coordination
Hitting the speed-bag for hand-eye coordination


Speaking of movement, the National MS Society has some inspiring words on their pamphlets.  It reads “MS stops people from moving.  We exist to make sure it doesn’t.”

You’ve heard the adage “Use it or lose it.”  Man, that line plays right into the sweet spot of multiple sclerosis. 

If you stay in that chair–MS will keep you there.

You gotta get up!  If you stand twice an hour….Try three times.  Then four.

Walk till the end of your driveway.  The next day go to your neighbor’s driveway….and the neighbor after that.

Reach one way, and the other.



(Hey, sorry I’m not as cute as Denise Austin–but I mean the same!)

I struggle to lift the flippin bar!
I struggle to lift the flippin bar!


No matter your condition, no matter your age–all of us can benefit from simple exercise.  Simple movement.  Pushing your body to just a little more than usual.

That’s all.




MS takes enough from us.  Don’t let it take everything.

Let me know how exercise fits into your MS regimen & your everyday life.

It’s time to get started…..You ready?  Let’s go.


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Editorial Bored rates this feature “NF” or “Not funny.”

Helen Eleanor Saggybags, My Odd Sock Editor-In-Chef
Helen Eleanor Saggybags, My Odd Sock Editor-In-Chef


My Odd Sock’s Editor-In-Chef (not chief–chef, as she also works as part-time lunchlady at Watson Elementary) Helen Eleanor Saggybags has ruled this piece not worthy of “humor” classification.  Thus, My Odd Sock has been placed on “punchline probation.”

Further disiplinary actions could be enforced if My Odd Sock’s humor content does not improve.


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2 Replies to “Reach-2-3-4-Breath-2-3-4”

  1. Oh man… LOVE this! While my MS is pretty under control for now, I remember being kind of weirded out by being an “inspiration!” to X and thinking “Why? ‘Cause I’m actually going to work, even with my cane and brain melting?”

    Thanks. This is GOOD stuff!