More Botox Please

More Botox Please

poisonWait, let me get this straight.  You’re saying you are going to take this neurotoxin, this poison….produced by a bacteria!….A toxin, which in its natural form causes botulism.

And you’re going to inject it into my muscles?  And it’s going to ease my spasticity?

That’s crazy!

Crazy, but it’s true.  It’s Botox Therapy, or BT.  And I am living, breathing (needs a TicTac) proof!

I just completed my third treatment (each treatment lasts about 3 months) and I can’t wait for my Botox to kick in.


The therapy’s benefits are not usually noticed for a few days..up to a couple of weeks after the treatment.  But it does help to ease muscle tightness.

Over the years, I’ve tried numerous muscle relaxers in pill form and I still take one on a daily basis.  My biggest complaint is the “dosey-dopey” state many of those pills put me in.

(What?…He’s not naturally that “dosey-dopey?”)

Excuse me, you don’t graduate from college with a stellar 2.3 gpa being “dosey-dopey!”


I was given several Botox injections in my inner thighs & calves (my problem areas).  And the whole procedure was done in about an hour.




As a matter off fact, a hidden camera  captured this picture during my actual session.




Multiple Sclerosis affects everyone differently.  So whether your spasticity is in your legs, arms, neck or wherever, Botox Therapy may offer you some relief.

And check out the difference…….

Before Botox
Before Botox


After Botox
After Botox


Just remember, My Odd Sock is an expert on nothing, just an idiot on everything.

Anyone care to hear some ZZ Top?…..”She’s got le-eggs!”


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