More Things

More Things


The list of lists.

I am sure you have seen this list of often heard gaffs…things not to say to someone with Multiple Sclerosis.

You have probably heard a few yourself first-hand.

These swallowable snippets are oft-uttered by someone trying to relate.  To make conversation.  And fail miserably.

Hey it happens.  We’re humans.  We just don’t know when to keep our yap shut.  Paste a smile on our puss and smile appropriately.


But wait there’s more!



In my years with the dreaded ick, I’ve thought the above list was rather short.

So I penned a few of my own.

For your enjoyment (or indigestion), here are “More Things (Not to say to someone with Multiple Sclerosis)”…..


“Do you take the same med as the lady from ‘The Sopranos’ or the people who give the peace sign?”

“For Halloween, get a fancy hat to wear with your cane and go as a pimp.”

“I knew a guy who had Sclerosis in his liver.”

“Ever seen the old movie about that female skier in a wheelchair?”

“Sounds like a good deal cuz you’re first to board the plane!”

“Good thing you’re not a circus tight rope walker.”

“I gotta go a lot too.  You probably just have a bladder infection.”

“Do people buy you drinks because you are disabled?”

“I’d get one of those motorized wheelchairs because I get tired of walking.”

“So all those Social Security lawyer commercials are meant for you, huh?”

“You got MS for the parking, right?”

“You should paint your cane white in case you go blind.”

“This too shall pass.”

“Let me guess–you sit down to put on your pants?”

“MS?…is that like a bad charlie horse?”

“How did you catch MS?”

“Must be nice getting all the up-front seats at games & concerts.”

“If I had a chair in my shower I’d stay in there all day!”


and finally,


“Anyone told you you hobble just like those people on the ‘Walking Dead’.”


We could go on forever, I suppose. So I’ll end it there.

Let me know if you have any others to add to our silly list!

In the meantime, keep moving.  Happy 2024.  And thanks for reading My Odd Sock.