Nut Nutz

Nut Nutz


Grab a handful.


People are crazy about nuts.  And as well they should be!  Nuts are packed with all the good stuff a body craves.

Nuts are convenient, plentiful and relatively inexpensive.  Way better for you than a chip…plus, now nuts come pretty much flavored just the same.  So it’s a win-win.


Personally, I love my nuts.  Only nuts.  Not combined with my food in any way.  Let me explain.


Nuts didn’t stop me from eating it though!


Brownie-Good.  Brownie w/ nuts-Not so much.

What a way to ruin a perfectly good brownie in my book.

I’m not a fan of the differenc in texture.  I tend to get more nut stuck in my teeth than brownie.

If you want to add something to a brownie, throw in some chocolate chips.  Now you’re talking!



Sweet treat.


Same with ice cream.  No nuts.  Again it’s the difference in texture.

Sorry, Dairy Queen Peanut Buster Parfait.  Peanuts & ice cream?  Love’em both-just not in the same dish.

I also love meatloaf but that doesn’t mean I want it with ice cream.



Cashew chicken.

Cashew chicken is a popular Asian dish…but I don’t know why.

On their own, cashew & chicken, each are fine–but together?…Meh.

To be paired as a duo you gotta bring something to the table.

Simon & Garfunkel were good by themselves, but together they are magical!

Cashew chicken is no Simon & Garfunkel.


Warm w/ butter!

Banana bread?

If I want some texture (nuts) I could add some wood chips.

Nuts do nothing for you, banana bread.  I suggest you dump’em and go solo!



A small snack.


I enjoy almonds.  The flavored ones are the bomb but these are just plain.

I read somewhere that Barack Obama eats six almonds every day.

I decided to eat eight so I can only imagine what I will achieve!  (Don’t hold your breath, Doug.)


Okay, so why have them?

Some people cook with these or add them to salads.

That’s like adding little skin-piercing dagger points to a bowl of Romaine.

And take a good look at this picture…

UnsaltedDryToastedSlivered.  Almonds.

C’mon Trader Joe’s, you couldn’t think of one positive adjective to describe these nuts?  Why would I want them?  They could have labeled them as Tasteless. Pathetic. Plain. Jagged. Almonds and sold just as many.

My time is short and I forgot to mention how pistachios are too fidely to eat as well as sunflower seeds are delightful but so small I drop more than make it in my mouth.

I, like you, are nutz for nuts (within reason I suppose).  Tell me about your favorite nut in a comment to share.  Eat well.  Snack wisely.  And add a few nuts to your diet for better health.  Just watch for the jagged ones.


4 Replies to “Nut Nutz”

  1. I agree! Nuts are good By Themselves! Enjoy their nutty flavor independently. Well, except when you are eating peanut butter.

  2. We are the exact opposite. (opposites attract) Food good, food with nuts even better! I confess, at some point in my life I have eaten and enjoyed every item you have pictured in this blog, yep even the peanut buster parfait. What nut is my favorite? Let’s just say I never met a nut I didn’t like, except maybe some in human form.

    1. Margaret,
      Oh I know many people who like nuts in everything. Believe me, I’ll never turn down a DQ parfait because of some lowsy peanuts! Some times I have to be a big boy & suck it up!
      Appreciate your thoughts!