Fitness Bluff

Fitness Bluff


He drones on & on.

You might know someone who is a fitness buff.  (You may even be one yourself!)

But this is more of a fitness “bluff.”

Let me explain.

This typically inactive person I know began taking walks (kuddos!) on an infrequent basis.  Not every day but at least making an effort.

It was a sputtering, hit-or-miss attempt at improving ones health.  At least, it was time away from slouching in an easy chair staring at the television.

When I hadn’t seen this person hoofing it thru the neighborhood I asked them if they were still walking.

“No, my back has been acting up” was the response.

I suggested taking shorter walks to the end of the driveway.  To the corner…anything…in an effort to build up to what they were doing before.

Better than doing nothing at all was my thinking.

“You could even do it a couple times a day” I added.

My advice fell on deaf ears.  And as far as I know this person’s back is still the excuse for not resuming their daily walk.

Sad.  Because things aren’t going to get better in an easy chair.  It’s not called a “La-Z-Boy” for shits & giggles.

Your body wants to move.  It was designed to move.

You don’t have over 600 muscles just to cover with clothes.

Built for speed.

You are built like a sport car.  Seriously.

Your body wants to go, man.

It wants to be driven.  Revved.  Raced.

Don’t let it be parked in the garage.  Get it out.  Start it up.  And floor it.


Those of you with multiple sclerosis (like me), I hear you squawking.  We have issues, I’m well aware.


A little rusty but it still runs.

We might not be a sleek sports car, but more of a jalopy.

Held together with braces, splints & AFO’s.

Our pieces/parts may sputter but they still need run every day.

Those muscle contractions, spasms & jumpiness?  That’s your body telling you it wants to get up, to move, to stretch.

You have heard me say this more often than you’ve seen a Liberty Mutual commercial…Move what you can as much as you can!

If you can only move a finger–then move that finger!

And don’t forget the muscles in your face.  Move those too.  Make silly faces for several minutes and you will feel the positive result.  Firmness.  Tightening.  You’ll look younger.  It doesn’t take much.

My long-winded point here is don’t be a “bluff.”  Do what you can & stick with it.  MS never gives in so neither should you.

Go get it!

P.S.  During this hotter than h-e-double toothpicks summer, nix the hot shower.  If the bathroom mirror is steamed up–your shower is too hot.  Cool yourself by turning down the water temp for a final rinse.  Let the cool water run over your scalp, down your spine, privates & pits.  It will revive, not deplete you like a hot shower.  Promise!



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