Drawing A Blank

Drawing A Blank



It has been nearly a month since I last posted anything on this raggy blog–and I have no excuses for my absense.

No vacation.  No illness.  No dilemma.

Just a lack of ideas, plain & simple.

Maybe it’s the pressure I put on myself combing for the next ‘killer’ concept.  BOOM!–an idea so good it nearly writes itself.


When in reality I’m stuck here with a bunch of weak premises that don’t add up with enough sense to buy a Coke from a vending machine.



For instance, what’s going on with Sylvester Stallone’s eyebrows?  Have you seen him lately?  He has a look of perpetual surprise.  Like the birthday coordinator at Chuck E Cheese.  There’s not that much arch in the shoe department at Dick’s.


See what I mean?  Thinly-veiled ideas.  Flimsy as a banana string.  I can’t devote a whole blog post to something like that…or this…..


Please close me!

Pens.  I have a thing about pens.  Pens laying around that need to be clicked closed.  Drives me crazy seeing a pen waiting for that last click of completion.

Before you put the pen down, use your thumb to give it…one…final…click.  Close that sucker.  Is this too much to ask?

When a pen goes unclicked it dries out, forcing the next user to make that little pen squibble to “jump start” the ink flowing again.


Ugg, so weak.  A weak, pithy idea.  Nothing with enough legs to write a whole post about.  Need some more?…


How about a few ‘In my opinions’…

In my opinion I’m leery of guys who wear cuff links.  I don’t know why, I just am.  They’re like a Bond villian driving a Jag with a machine gun sticking out the front license plate.  Can’t be trusted.

In my opinion Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Pads are over-rated.  I have no use for them.

Lastly, in my opinion brussel sprouts smell great when cooking but I still can’t eat them.  They are not good.


I warned you these were cringe-worthy ideas.  Certainly nothing of note.


Let’s talk tv commercials.

Thee worst.

I do not like the ad for the prescription drug, Jardiance.  No reason but I mute the tv every time.

I don’t need a song & dance number for my meds.  It is so annoying.

The final scene (pictured) rivals the finale of a Broadway play.  It’s a DRUG…not “Oklahoma!”


Not another ad for T-Mobile.

The T-Mobile guy also disturbs me.  At first I thought it was a fake accent.  But he is indeed a British actor.  And a lawyer no less.  Gave up practicing law for the lucrative field of acting.  (He is working though!)

Nothing against him but these T-Mobile ads run nonstop.  Talk about beating a dead horse.


And finally because our lives are centered around automobiles & driving, many commercials reflect that fact.  But the difference, in every commercial, the driver has a huge, shit-eating grin.  Who smiles that much when driving?  I’m too busy swearing & flipping the bird.  I must be doing something wrong.  Or else, my seat doesn’t vibrate.  How can one smile when that SUV just cut you off?  I’ll smile if & when I get home in one piece.


See what I mean about no real concrete ideas?  That’s my problem.  I need to focus.  Or else My Odd Sock will end up in the gutter like a spilled can of Monster.  I’ll hope for the better in the future.  Fingers crossed.  Pen clicked.




4 Replies to “Drawing A Blank”

  1. I also have a thing about pens. Not only do I want that last click, if the pen has a cap, I want the cap back on the pen. However, it seems like when the pen is being used, the cap seems to wander off. I also want my pens put back in the pencil holder where they got it. I have three pencil holders around my house. Maybe people are taking the word literally, and thinking pencil holders are only for pencils.
    Another thing driving me crazy is the pencil holder on the check in counter at my doctor’s office. The sign on the pencil holder says “PENS”. But the way it is written, what my gutter mind sees is “PENIS”.

    1. Margaret,
      I gotta agree with you on the pen caps…they belong on the pen.
      As for the sign that reads “PENIS”…maybe a session with a licensed therapist could help you!
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Love your idea of non ideas my friend! And I love the review by the spammer. Is that new? It definitely made me giggle!!!