Club Rulz

Club Rulz

How does this keep happening?

It’s the same mistake year after year.

I have cancelled my membership countless times to no avail.

Despite all my efforts I still received THIS in the mail…

Oh boy!


Looks as though I’ll have multiple sclerosis yet another year.   At least through 2023 according to the card.



But I don’t want to be a member anymore!  I’ve had my share of MS.  The falls, the trips, the embarrassing urine drips.

I’ve pooped my pants.  I’ve bloodied myself head to toe.  I’ve given myself more shots than a bartender at T.G.I. Fridays.

I didn’t ask to join this club in the first place.  Had I known I would be a member this long–I would have joined Rotary instead.

I’ve never paid any dues to belong.  Never gone through an initiation.  Or been hazed.  Yet here I am…apparently a valued partner.

It’s easier to get out of a time-share agreement.

Water Buffaloes.

Some organizations get to wear funky hats as members but not this one.

Closest we get is padding around in a bulky cooling vest.

Oh, and orange is our official color.  Who looks good in orange besides a crossing guard?

I bust out my orange shirt one time a year…deer season.


LOTS of benefits to join!


Okay okay we DO have disabled parking permits.

And we get to board planes before everyone else.

So I suppose those are our bennies.


For reasons unknown I’ll save this card in my wallet as I have in years past.  I’ll pitch the old, dog-eared card from 2022.  And keep my fingers crossed that maybe THIS will be the year my MS membership ends.

Keep moving.

P.S.  Goofing around I created this MS punch card but couldn’t figure out a good place to insert it into the post.  Here it is anyway…

Play on!

2 Replies to “Club Rulz”

  1. In the beginning of my MS career, I was a member of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. I just thought it was the right thing to do. I justified paying the $30 membership dues by considering it a tax write-off, and receiving copies of their magazine. Fast forward, my disability progressed so bad, that it was difficult to hold the magazine and turn the pages. It was at that time I decided to terminate my membership. I’m not sure if the MS Society still considers me a card-carrying member. My sister comes over once a week to help me with my mail, and whenever I receive mail from the MS Society, I tell her to shred it without even opening the envelope.

    1. Margaret,
      Membership dues? I’ve never payed any dues. Hmm. I still get the magazine and all the return address labels to last me a lifetime.