Adults Say The Darndest Things

Adults Say The Darndest Things


Yep they do.


It’s not just kids.

Often, seemingly mature, educated, functioning, responsible adults come up with shit that leaves your head spinning.

You & I and everyone with any sort of health malady have heard our share of these numbing witicisms.

The examples are endless.


I believe people belch out this stuff without even thinking.  They are stuck in an uncomfortable situation (with us). They are desperate to fill and smooth over any lapse in conversation (In radio we called this “dead air”).  And open the floodgates of their mouth spewing their view like projectile vomit.

The other day I went to the local library.

I unloaded my aluminum steed (wheelchair).  Climbed aboard and began wheeling myself towards the building.

An older gent in his late 60’s, was in front of me by a dozen steps so he entered through the door first.

As I went in he was standing by the elevator.  Waiting.  For me.

A-oh, here it comes, right?

Well, you are correct sir because he opened his yap and says…

“Bout time to graduate to a power chair, isn’t it?”


That a cringe or a fart?


Wha?  I cringed.  Did I hear him correctly?

I wasn’t struggling by any means.  Did I look like I was struggling?




Now THAT’s a look of disgust!


I think my jaw dropped into my lap.

So shocked.

I couldn’t think of a damn snappy response so I just muttered a…”Naw.”



In retrospect, my practical response to him should have been…

“Oh, you must be a physician?  A physical therapist, perhaps?  Offering your professional assessment?”


Meanwhile, my cynical response would have been…

“Bout time to get a haircut from a licensed barber, isn’t it?”


One would hope this guy will realize his words have a nasty bite.  Maybe change his thinking.  Or just say nothing at all.

But that’s probably not gonna happen

I can only imagine him saying to a blind person with a cane…

“Bout time you graduate to a seeing-eye dog, isn’t it?”



Shake my head.

Keep moving friends.

4 Replies to “Adults Say The Darndest Things”

  1. My Mom passed away at the age of 80 in 2008. That being said, there were things she would say to me that you might like, or maybe not, but I want to tell you anyway.
    When I would tell her I was on the sh*t list at work, she would tell me “it’s okay to be on the sh*t list, just makes sure you are number one on it”.
    When I would tell her that (insert a name) looked so old, she would say to me, “Margaret, have you looked in the mirror lately?”.
    I’ll share just one more…..
    She would tell me, “only the Lord knows when you’re going to leave this world, and he ain’t telling”.
    You’re welcome. 🙂

    1. Margaret,
      Funny stuff! I really enjoyed the “sh*t list” story.
      Thanks for sharing from your wise elder (now I know where you get it!).