MS Fact or Fiction

MS Fact or Fiction


Test your knowledge!


There is a lot of bad information online about multiple sclerosis (Much of it found here!).

As a service to you, My Odd Sock has poured over this vast amount of data to sort through what is real…and what is not real is this post titled “MS Fact or Fiction.”

Let us begin…..


#1 Fact or Fiction

Sounds about right.



The phrase “Same Shit–Different Day” was coined by someone with MS.



#2 Fact or Fiction

Zone out.



Going to the movies when you have MS basically means you are paying twelve bucks to take a nap.


#3 Fact or Fiction

It’s okay to wear the same clothes again because yesterday you didn’t see anyone.


#4 Fact or Fiction

Having MS related “Foot Drop,” patients wear out toes of their shoes before the heels.


#5 Fact or Fiction

“Carnauba car wax, please!”


A disabled parking pass NOT ONLY affords you the primo spaces but ALSO free car washes.


#6 Fact or Fiction

Shower chairs come with built-in massage settings.


#7 Fact or Fiction

You earn xtra credit during an examination when you touch fingers then touch the DOCTOR’S nose.


#8 Fact or Fiction

I hear crashing pots & pans.


Press your ear to an MRI machine and you will hear the ocean.


#9 Fact or Fiction

With MS, “bed head” is considered a good hair day.


#10 Fact or Fiction

Aloha, multiple sclerosis!


Lesions on your brain resemble the shape of Hawaii.




I hope this presentation has cleared up several misnomers associated with our chronic disease.  

Keep moving.


  1. Fiction 2. Fact 3. Fact 4. Fact 5. Fiction 6. Fiction 7. Fiction 8. Fiction 9. Fact 10. Either fact or fiction.




2 Replies to “MS Fact or Fiction”

  1. #3 is definitely a Fact. I haven’t gotten dressed in 10 years except for a social occasion, which I haven’t been to in over a year. I even go in my sleep shirt, which could pass for a dress, to the doctor. I also don’t even get dressed if friends come over. I’m at the point I just wear what is comfortable and convenient for me. I rarely see anybody, and those individual’s who I do see, don’t really care how I look.

    1. Margaret,
      “Comfortable and convenient” is the way to go. Rock it, girl!
      Thanks for your insight!