Pathetic post.

I can’t explain it, but I am D.O.A.–Doug on arrival.

My head, filled with what seems like bubble wrap.

Pudding is livelier.

I have creatively flatlined.  Demonstrated by my recent absence from this blog.

Orphans get more attention.

If & when I ever get another idea it will be like lighting a match in a fart factory.


Blank as my mind.

Some call it ‘writer’s block.’  I call it torture.

Staring at a blank page.

Blank.  Like the deposit column of my checkbook.

They say to  pick up the pen and start writing–so that’s what I am doing.

What dribble.  What ‘brain’ dribble comes out.


Danny ‘O Day & a dummy.



My ventriloquist dummy had more to say.

(Is it any wonder why I didn’t date?)



My mind is clicking along like Microsoft Explorer.

Functional as a Ford Pinto.

Satisfying as a glass of water at room-temperature.


Talk about writing in real time!

Sitting here with my feet up.

Why?  It’s not like I have labored or anything.

Because I have zero energy.  Zilch.  I wake up tired even after a descent night’s sleep.

Making decisions are difficult.  Kegels exhaust me.

Tiredness probably explains why I have been a creative zero lately.  And for that I apologize.


C’mon you goof, just write something!  Spill it onto the paper!

OMG, any less brain activity I’d be a scarecrow!

I have the enthusiasm of oatmeal.

Flatlined, I am.  Let’s try the paddles…CLEAR!



4 Replies to “Flatlined”

  1. I think I too have FLATLINED, Been trying to come up with a comment. I got nothing. I think that the Florida heat has fried my brain.
    Here’s hoping we can get those creative juices flowing!

    1. Margaret,
      I can see vapor when breathing on a mirror so there IS still hope. You may have heard the old joke…”I would call 911 but I forgot the number.”
      Good luck to you. Keep cool!

    1. Thanks for the visit, Mal!

      Readers, please check out Mal’s blog at the link above. Learn what it’s like to have MS all the way in the land down under, Australia! (Really it’s just the same as MS here…only upside down! 🙂 )