Variety Pack

Variety Pack


What’s your favorite?

It’s called “Variety Pack” because this post to My Odd Sock consists of a mish-mash of leftover thoughts & observations.

Like the variety pack of cereal boxes from your grocer, there may be some you enjoy and some, well, that will be shoved to the back of the pantry.

Let’s dig in…


Am I Weird?

Can’t believe he’s unloading the dishwasher!


When I empty the dishwasher, putting away the clean dishes, I often find myself “rotating” the stock.

I put the newly clean dishes under the ones in the cupboard to ensure plates, bowls & such get equal use.

Just how quirky is that?


This boy needs serious therapy.


I’ll do the same thing with silverware.

Because if I didn’t rotate them around, the same three or four spoons would get used over & over while the rest just sit there in the drawer never getting in the game.

It’s just not fair.

Same goes for cups and glasses.  Everyone plays!

Am I going mad?  I can’t be the only one doing this great, humanitarian work!


Good. Stuff. Cheap.

Ollie’s is a discount retailer selling mostly close-out items at reduced prices.  “Good Stuff Cheap” is Ollie’s slogan.  And for the most part, they offer just that!

Like this item from a recent advertisement…

No fitting rooms.


You gotta give it to Ollie, it is good.  And it is cheap.

My question…if you have ever shopped an Ollie’s…where exactly is the aisle for “family planning?”

Somewhere between the puzzle books and Duraflame logs, I suppose.


Fine looking chap.


Here is the company trademark & cartoon depiction of Ollie, the chain’s founder.

Are you certain you wanna trust this man for your contraceptive devices?


Feeling Good in the Neighborhood

Lastly, I’ve never done a product endorsement.  (I may look like Matthew McConauhey but don’t have his following.)  But when it comes to men’s underwear, it doesn’t get any better than Hanes Comfort Flex Fit boxer briefs.

Simple enough.


Over the years I have tried them all.  Tighty-whities.  Boxers.  Boxer briefs.  Even commando.

But nothing is better than pulling on a pair of Hanes Comfort Flex Fit.

What’s their deal you ask?


My rear end is flatter & more lumpy.


It’s the Flex Fit pouch.  It keeps order.  Keeps your organized.  Literally.

Wearing the others is like being on a bench seat, riding on a bumpy road with no seat belt.  You have no control.  Bouncing.  Shifting.  Swinging.  You are all over the place.  You are at the mercy of centrifugal force & gravity.

But nestled inside a Hanes’ Flex Fit pouch, you know where you are at all times.  You are in control and you are good.

Guys, just because your life may be jumbled & chaotic, doesn’t mean your junk has to be.  Stay neat and orderly.  Put your joey in the pouch of Hanes Flex Fit and you’ll be one happy kanga!


Seriously, I think I am going off the rails here.

Thanks for reading.  Have a good day.


8 Replies to “Variety Pack”

  1. I prefer to be free to jingle jangle. Kind of like in the Chuck Berry song “My Ding-A-Ling.” Ollie’s can be an adventure in “WTF were they thinking” when seeing some of the deals. The stuff at Ollie’s ends up there for a reason. The reasons are mostly because someone made too much of something or it is something that no one in their right mind would actually buy. However, Kevin Harvik shops there and it makes him less grumpy, so it can’t be a totally bad place.

    1. Mark,
      Reassuring to know you “jingle jangle.”
      Ollie’s isn’t on my usual stop & shop list, I’ve actually only been there twice. But it is kinda fun to kick around the aisles to see what they have. Never know what you’ll find!
      Thanks for checking in!

  2. Steve is always fussing about his junk and looking for underwear that will coddle it. After many many trial runs, he finally settled on the same brand you did!! 😉😆

    1. Tina,
      Good to know Steve & I can swap out undies if we’re ever in a pinch (bad pun).
      I’m certain to have a restless night’s sleep this evening with your news.
      Thanks for nothing.

  3. I am also a “rotator”. Even though I no longer do it myself, my sister rotates my towels, sheets, and underwear. Basically anything stackable, we move the new one’s to the bottom. Also, in the pantry and the refrigerator/ freezer she moves the oldest sell-by date to the front and moves the longer sell-by date to the back. Anything new in my house goes to the back of the line.

    1. Margaret,
      YES!! I too rotate towels & sheets–so everything gets equal use! When it comes to food I’ll check the dates as well. That is a habit I got from working in a grocery store for years while in high school.
      Maybe we should compare our DNA, you may be my lost sibling!

  4. The thing about the flex fit pouch is a riot, but helpful! I’m telling my bf for sure. But on the rotating thing, I do that to with plates and bowls. But I let the glasses and untensils fend for themselves. About the only thing weirder than you rotating your kitchenware is that I only rotate some of it!

    1. Yvonne,
      I kinda rotate cups & glasses, but NEVER utensils—I’m not THAT weird, geez. And your boyfriend will love the undies! Thanks for checking in & adding your two cents!