MS Then/Now

MS Then/Now


Read’em & weep.

When you have multiple sclerosis, or any chronic disease for that matter, things change over time.

Lifestyles, habits & routines evolve into a completely different scene.  I know as I’ve changed since my MS diagnosis back in 1996.

Here’s a Then/Now look at a few of those changes.

Maybe you can relate!…..


Silly Putty

     THEN:   A popular children’s toy.

     NOW:   My legs standing in the check-out lane at Kroger.


Dragging One’s Feet

     THEN:   Time taken making a difficult decision.

     NOW:   How I get from one room to the next.


Commercial Break

     THEN:   Enough time to pee & grab a snack from the fridge.

     NOW:   Enough time to get off the couch.



The infamous tube.


     THEN:   I thought only given to professional athletes.

     NOW:   I’ve had more MRI’s than Tom Brady.



     THEN:   An independent woman.

     NOW:   My dog-eared life partner.


Social Butterfly

     THEN:   Lively, working the room, chatting, laughing & joking.

     NOW:   Planted in a dim corner counting down the time till I can go home.


Muscle Spasms

The ol’bulldog of justice.


     THEN:   During overtime game playing touch-football.

     NOW:   Watching Judge Judy.


Sport Utility Vehicles

     THEN:   SUV’s introduced to carry bikes, coolers & gear of an active lifestyle.

     NOW:   Packed w/ wheelchair, rollator, canes & whatever other mobility shit I may need depending on weather condition, ground surface & my energy level.



     THEN:   The punchline of a joke about showering in prison.

     NOW:   Me, unbalancd in a shower, wishing I had one after numerous soap drops.



     THEN:   Used only by old folks & tap dancers.

     NOW:   I have them scattered throughout the house.



A funny show!


      THEN:   Popular tv sitcom in the 2000s.

     NOW:   Scrubs & sweats are my daily duds of dress.


Big-Box Stores

     THEN:   Big shopping trip.

     NOW:   Big wait in the car.


And lastly,


Dead Tired

     THEN:   Feeling after a long day of yardwork.

     NOW:   Feeling every morning getting up from under a comforter.


Oh well, change is what makes life challenging, right?

If I left anything out, you are welcome to share your own Then/Now observations with a comment.

Till then, be well & keep moving!




4 Replies to “MS Then/Now”

  1. Agree with all of it! Thanks for the realization and chuckle, I so needed that today. Have a good one all my MSers 😊

    1. Joanne,
      Thanks for the kind words. Glad this madness helped you through. Keep in touch if you need a boost.

  2. My contributions


    THEN: Babies wear them

    NOW: I wear them


    THEN: What babies use

    NOW: What you and I could use when we eat