Brain Drain #28

Brain Drain #28


Number 28, yikes,

Welcome to Brain Drain (#28 in the series), where I pull the plug on some recent thoughts swirling around inside my big noggin.

No particular ire.  Just getting some stuff off my chest.

Feel free at the end to add what’s got your knickers in a twist with a comment.

Let’s get started…..


Godzilla vs Kong

Whoa, the carnage!

‘Godzilla vs Kong’ is a hit movie (I guess).  The latest feature starring the big screen’s two largest members of the Screen Actors Guild.

I haven’t seen the flick (and probably never will) but many have, making ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ number one at the box office.

Although being one of the first movies out as we begin to reopen from the pandemic it is easy to see why it is so popular.

I’m pretty sure at this point people would pay $12 to watch the test pattern on the big screen.


My biggest gripe about the movie is… has King Kong gotten SO LARGE?

Stand up against the wall & I’ll mark w/ a pencil.

Godzilla has always been described as being 300 feet tall.

But King Kong?  He’s the same height now.

How did that happen?  Vitamins?  Heel lifts?  Wonder bread?

Used to be King Kong “climbed” the Empire State Building.  Now he towers over it.  Explain THAT to me and maybe I’ll go see it.  Till then, “Na-huh.”

BTW–my son saw it and in his words, called the movie “gah-bage.”

Moving on.


The Kenan Show

NBC’s “The Kenan Show”

I’m a fan of Kenan Thompson.  Always have been.

The kids & I watched him on Nickelodeon’s ‘All That.’  And later on ‘Kenan & Kel.’

I’ve seen his movie ‘Good Burger’ more times than I can count.

And have enjoyed him on ‘SNL’ for what…15 seasons?

So when NBC announced ‘The Kenan Show’ as a new tv sitcom, I was excited & hoped for the best.


Unfortunately, it’s not very good.  I have tried too.  Numerous times I have watched.  My family leaves the room when it is on.  My wife says the premise is similar to ‘Full House’—only worse.

I feel bad for Kenan.  He deserves a better vehicle than that.  And we deserve better as viewers.

‘Nuff said about that.


Fire Tables

Gather ’round everyone!

Fire tables seem to be the rage in outdoor furnishings these days.  All the patio shops advertise them as the greatest thing since…, I guess.

The concept is simple.  Let me get this straight…We take a table…gather the whole family around…and put a fire in the middle of it.


Comfy & cozy.

Let’s put our plates mere inches from an open flame.

Yes, I want my refreshing, ice-cold beverage to simmer.

There’s not even enough room to put your feet up without searing flesh.


Nothing like gathering the kids & tell ghost stories…around a propane blaze.

Home, home near the range!


No thanks, but I already have a “fire table” in my kitchen.

It’s called a STOVE!

How silly.  Really.

That does it for me draining the ol’ cerebral cortex.

Again, leave yours with a comment.  Adios.





4 Replies to “Brain Drain #28”

  1. Not that you need company, but Dan and I are with you! We also are disappointed by Kenan. We keep hoping it will get better, kind of like our beloved Detroit Lions.

    Also, we love our chat (aka fire) table. Maybe it’s because Michigan weather is made better by warmth, just don’t get too close. 😉 And we always will have a seat for you at our table.

    1. Aww, thanks, Jenn. I appreciate the seat at your chat table. Guess I am more of a conventional fire guy. We often have campfires on our patio in the fire pit. Nothing like staring at the flames to relax & reflect.
      P.S.- Maybe this will be the year for the Lions. (Been saying that about our Browns & Indians for ages!)

  2. What I hate is when you spend 7 years watching one of your favorite TV shows only to find out the final season has been moved to one of the new paid subscription streaming services. Well they are not going to suck me in! It’s not that I can’t afford it, I don’t have time to watch another streaming service. I don’t even have time to watch what is available on what I do have, Netflix and Amazon. At least with Amazon you get free shipping.

    P. S. I agree with everything you said about the Kenan Show.

    P. P. S. Go Jaguars!

    1. Margaret,
      Thanks for sounding off. You will be able to sleep better tonight!
      We haven’t done the streaming stuff here yet–still doing basic cable. Time will come though.