Ever Faked It?

Ever Faked It?


Let me think.

Well, have you?

Faked it?

Faked your disability?

Of course not.  You (and I) don’t have to.

We have MS or some other kind of creeping crud that makes our lives difficult.


But apparently a lot of people ARE faking it, that according to a recent article by Christopher Elliot of USA Today.

Why on Earth would anyone fake a disability?…..For the “perks,” baby!  Especially in the travel industry–early boarding, better seats, convenient rooms, closer parking, skipping lines, saving time.

(It’s what I fantasize about from my wheelchair!)

The travel biz has long bent-over backwards to help those of us with disabilities.  But now, greedy people use the system for unfair advantage.

I noticed it a while back on a return flight from Las Vegas.

At the boarding gate were 20 or so of us in wheelchairs, all jostling for position to get on the plane first.  You would have thought we were on the starting line at the Para-Olympics.  I was the only soul in his own wheelchair–all the others were parked in chairs labeled “Airport Property” ( a telltale sign of dishonesty).

When we landed this same group of so-called gimps bolted for baggage like they were members of Team USA.  Their feet kicking up little clouds of smoke like in cartoons.

I was disgusted by my fellow man.


The airlines aren’t the only ones falling for this sick ploy.


The happiest place in Florida.

Theme parks, like Disney, allow guests in wheelchairs to avoid lines with a courtesy service.

I discovered this many years ago on a visit to Disney World.

Our entire party of six were escorted through to the front of every ride because I was geeked-up in a wheelchair.

It was spectacular, but demoralizing too, rolling past all the hot, sweaty people standing in line, giving death stares to me & my family.  We had so many daggers in our backs it was as though we stood before a near-sighted knife thrower.

Disney’s helpfulness was taken advantage of so much so, some “disabled” folks in wheelchairs would rent themselves out as part of your group, thus all could skip lines to the attractions.

I have heard Disney World has since revised their policy to allow only one other guest accompany someone in a wheelchair.  (Another “perk” taken away by those taking advantage of the situation.)

The author of the article said it best “people with fake disabilities are hurting people with real disabilities the most.”

You got that right, buddy.  Well said.

I can’t speak for you, but I for one have never faked it–at least not my disability.  But that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Keep moving friend.


2 Replies to “Ever Faked It?”

  1. Totally agree Doug. What’s wrong with people? I’ve never faked anything, especially my disease. Perks or not, these are sick individuals. May karma come back to get them!!! Shame, shame on those individuals 🥲

    1. Joanne,
      Nothing surprises me anymore. I feel guilty when I order a small and they give me a large by mistake. Thanks for your readership & comment. Always appreciate hearing from you.