A Bad Day

A Bad Day


Are you having one?


You are NOT alone.

Everybody has’em from time to time.

And having MS doesn’t help.

I had a bad day recently and it was my own fault.

You see, I overdid it & paid the price for my stubbornness not to give in.


It was a sunny morning.  Not too hot.  Yet.

I was home alone and thought it would be a nice time to tidy my son’s car.  Clean the wheels.  Treat the tires.  Vaccuum the inside.

Just a quick job on a beautiful day.

Four hours later…I was still at it.  Stooping, bending, reaching & shuffling around while the sun continued to beat down (You know where I’m going with this).

Finally, the job was finished…and apparently so was I.  Because as I tried to get to my feet–my legs would not hold me up.

I attempted to get up again and again and again.  But no go.

I tried leaning onto my rollator & pull myself up but I couldn’t get my feet under me.

My struggle continued longer than an awards show while the sun shined and exhaustion grew.

Thankfully my neighbor was outside and I called him over to help.  It took both him & his wife to lift my shriveled body into a wheelchair so I could get out of the now blazing sun.

My ‘bad’ day took it out of me and required a couple days to recover.

It was a lesson learned.  To be smarter.  To pay better attention to my body & MS.  And to let my son clean his own damn car!


Here are ways to tell you may be having a bad day.

You may be having a bad day…..

Down with bad days.

…if the swab gets stuck during your COVID test.

…if you finished an iced tea & there’s not a bathroom in sight.

…when your shower gel has frozen.

…if the store’s power scooter runs out of juice in the juice aisle.

…by wearing white on spaghetti day.

…when you can’t find the remote to mute Tom Selleck & his reverse mortgage.

…if your ‘bad’ hair day lasts for a decade.

…if you butt-dial a proctologist.

…when the vending machine only accepts Canadian coins.

…if you see yourself as Ziggy.



2 Replies to “A Bad Day”

  1. I totally agree! This happens to me all the time. I get exhausted while having a conversation. Your story reminded me of a situation many years ago. My Dad and I attended a funeral in a really hot Florida day. At the time I was using a manual wheelchair. When the funeral was over my Dad pushed me over to the car. I was too weak to stand to transfer back into the car. I weigh more than my Dad and he was probably in his 80’s. Two of the grave diggers had to help get me in car. It was so embarrassing!

    1. Margaret,
      Wow, quite a story. I feel your pain! Thank you for sharing.