My MS Photo Album

My MS Photo Album


I was looking at a calendar when I realized the date.

Time to schedule a prostate exam with the doctor?

Well, yes, but that’s not what I was referring to.

I remembered it was my MS anniversary.  The date, way back in 1996, when my life changed forever.

With that I thought I would celebrate…with you by opening the pages & sharing special memories found inside “My MS Photo Album.”

Ta dah!!!


What a stiff.


Here I lay about to begin what seems like my 1,000th MRI.

It has become so routine I usually just take a nap.

Sweet dreams, big empty head!


It is remarkable how wheelchairs have improved over time.

Look at that shine!


(Left)- My new chariot is light & comfortable.

So long ago.



(Right)- My 1st wheelchair. Amazing how young I looked back then.



Ah, which way to the…?




Over the last 24 years, the carpeting has taken a beating.

This path leads to the bathroom…duh, obviously!





Cute piggy’s too!


It is well known I receive Botox injections in my legs to control spasticity.

The treatments not only loosen my tight muscles, but also my legs have never looked younger.




Diet is an important part of my MS regimen, especially fiber.

Fiber is good for colon health & avoiding issues of constipation.

It HAS to be good.



I figure cotton candy must be a good source of fiber.

I mean it IS cotton, right?




Long enough for a leg OR spinal tap.



When first diagnosed with MS, my treatment plan included a once-weekly shot of Avonex.


Man, those needles were HUGE!



He’s naked!



But today a twice-a-year infusion of Ocrevus is my drug of choice.

Shame, as now I need to get some body tattoos removed.

(Remember when I said I have little nipples?  Now you know I wasn’t lying.)




My how times have changed too.


Back then-I was a party!



(Left)-  My brain activity BEFORE diagnosis.


A ball of fire.






(Right)- My brain activity 24 years later.





Well, thanks for sharing my MS anniversary with me.

Till next time (and next year).

Keep moving.






4 Replies to “My MS Photo Album”

  1. You have the best perspectives! And yes, LOTS of fiber in cotton candy 😂 Here’s to another year of your awesomeness in this life with MS.