My View

My View


My view is small, simple and low-profile.

I don’t need much.  Certainly nothing fancy.  Save the frills for someone else.

My baby.


With this perspective I have always preferred vehicles on the smaller side.

And my current ride fits me like a well-tailored suit.

Problem is, over the last few years, I have begun to notice a change.


The view from my small car getting swallowed.  WHOLE.


I can’t see anything.

I am getting eaten alive by behemoth machines that roar.

Nothing but tailgates obscure my windshield.

Chrome grilles fill my back window.

And looking left or right, I see only wheels the size of my doors.

Suburban’s.  Escalade’s and Yukon’s.

Huge, enormous SUV’s.  The bigger the vehicle–the smaller the driver!

Expedition’s.  Navigator’s.  Where are they going…Krogers?  Or the Artic tundra?


Is the light green or red?



Dear Lord my sightlines are completely gone.


I’m lucky to see the family of stick-figures on the back window of a Hummer.


Do you use a stepladder to get in?


And pick-ups too. 

Seemingly born from the demon seed of monster trucks.

F-150, 250, 350, 450.  Heck why stop there?

Introducing the new Ford F-Kajillion 50.  A truck so large it has its own zip code.



May I get around you?


Everywhere I go I am surrounded by vehicles from the movie, Transformers.

Dodge Ram’s.  Arcadia’s.  Armada’s and Sequoia’s.

Denali’s.  Tahoe’s and Terrain’s. 



Wearing your fig leaf?



Service trucks as well.

(Who knew they would get into the sewer & drain biz after all that with the apple and the snake.)


My point is, don’t expect me to follow you as I am damn sure going to lose sight amidst a crowd of motor vehicles on steroids.

I have a H3 in front of me blocking the sun like an eclipse.

Meanwhile, a Range Rover rides my backside closer than the doctor at a colonoscopy.

My view is shrinking.  And I can’t wait to get home.

Drive safely.


2 Replies to “My View”

  1. I have to agree Doug. I drive a 2016 town n country and although my site lines are “ok” at best, it’s my eyes that are bad. Bad combo. Gonna try driving with my eyes closed? Seemingly most drivers I ve encountered do too!?! Safe driving my friend 🙂

    1. Joanne,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. My eyes are fine–I just can’t see through/around these vehicles anymore. Does anyone still drive a…..”car?”