Rock & Rollator

Rock & Rollator


There comes a day in life when you say “what the hell” and make the big purchase.

The reckless abandon–you only live life once…purchase.

For some it’s a boat or jet ski.  For others it’s a convertible sports car.

For me, an MSer, it’s a new, shiny rollator.  (Wow are my nipples tender!)

Let’s go!

I thought I would give you a looksy at my new ride.

I am keeping my old rollator.  It has been relegated to the garage for use outdoors.

The new rollator will strictly (like a house cat) be my indoor mobility aid.

You’ll see me coming!


The new rollator has all kinds of fancy-smancy features, sporty wheels, collapsible basket…and this reflective racing stripe in the front.

I am not certain of its purpose, but it may prevent a collision as I race between the kitchen & family room.



Thirsty? You bet!


It has two …yeah, I said TWO drink holders.

Like I need more fluid!  I haven’t peed in what…ten minutes?

Handy nonetheless, I suppose.




The new rollator features a spacious basket under the seat to hold my useless treasures.

Ah, memories.


I am disappointed though as the basket is made of cloth.

My old rollator had a waterproof, vinyl basket perfect for holding ice, my whiskey and other adult beverages.

(Maybe that’s the purpose of two drink holders?)


Safety appears to be the common thread of this new equipment.


Safe on the left coast!



Like this notice stating it meets all the flammability requirements of California.

Reassuring to know as I live…IN-THE-STATE-OF-OHIO!



Safety overkill.


In fact, this rollator is plastered with safety stickers as noted in the photo.

(There are even two stickers not shown!)

So 13 in all.

That’s more stickers than you’d find in a preschool.

Is this a rollator?…Or a NASCAR?


You’ve got to be kidding.



You think I am exaggerating?

There is even a warning label warning you NOT to remove the warning label.




Oh well.  So that’s my new ride. 

My big, mid-life crisis acquisition.

My put the hair in a ponytail & go crazy rolling into the dining room toy.

Eh, screw you MS.  Think I can get a sports car with hand-controls?

You keep moving, will ya.

6 Replies to “Rock & Rollator”

    1. Marykay,
      Pleeeeease. That’s ALL I need, more mobility crap sitting around in my house!
      Thank you for your comment!

  1. I think my mi life crisis has come and gone! Got eanderta new 3 wheeled scooter just because I awas rear ended by a meanderthal 🤪 Love your blog. You bring smiles and giggles each time