MS The Musical

MS The Musical

Sing along with one of my fav posts…


Since its debut in 2001, Menopause The Musical has entertained audiences throughout the world.

Due to their phenomenal success, My Odd Sock thought it was damn time multiple sclerosis has a show of its own.

And thus, presents…..

A hit! (Or mostly a miss!)

Like the predecessor, MS The Musical will showcase tongue-in-cheek song parodies of popular tunes such as…

“We Didn’t Start The Numbness”

(Sung to Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire”)

Zanaflex, Copaxone, Avonex, Novantrone

Ampyra, Tysabri, Physical Therapy

Botox, Detrol, dose of Solumedrol

Aubagio, vertigo, Cipro, I gotta go

We didn’t start the numbness

It was always tingling

Since my hand was jingling

We didn’t start the numbness

No we didn’t fight it

But we try to fight it

Relapse, Acetate, restless leg, worthless gait

Atarax, Dulcolax, Ocrevus, which one of us

Rebif, what if, Zanaflex for side effects

Prozac, that’s wack, Prednisone, gonna moan

We didn’t start the numbness

It was always tingling

Since my ears were ringing

We didn’t start the numbness

No we didn’t right it

But we try to fight it


“MS The Musical” features many other show-stoppers like this audience fav…..


(Sung to Village People’s “YMCA”)

MS patient, don’t ever feel down

MS patient, time for another round

MS patient, there’s a place you can go

MS patient, costs you plenty of dough

It’s fun to lay in a M-R-I

It’s fun to lay in a M-R-I

It’s so loud you can’t think, can’t sleep or can’t drink and pass gas it’s gonna stink

It’s fun to lay in a M-R-I

It’s fun to lay in a M-R-I

MS patient, it’s not over yet

MS patient, we got one more to get

MS patient, so roll up you sleeve

MS patient, a shot can you believe?


“MS The Musical” delights with more than just snappy songs!

What’s a musical without a dazzling dance number?…..

Swing it, girls!


But don’t sit down just yet as it’s time to…..

“Twist and Fall”

(Sung to the Beatles’ “Twist and Shout”)

Well catch your foot baby now

Twist and fall

You got you got the foot-drop baby now

Foot-drop baby

Pick up your feet that’s all

Twist and fall

You know you fall little girl

Fall little girl

You know you fall with such grace

Twist and fall

Come on come on fall a little closer now

Fall little closer

You fall all over the place, woo


“MS The Musical” doesn’t stop there (Though you wish it would).

Other numbers include:

The Bangles’ “Walk Like A Mannequin”

Elton John’s “Don’t Go Breaking My Bank”

and The Lovin’ Spoonful’s “Summer In The City (So I’m In The AC)”


Kids too love “MS The Musical” for its versions of…..

“Itsy Bitsy Itchy”

(Sung to “Itsy Bitsy Spider”)

The itsy bitsy itchy

Climbed up the person’s leg

Itching wouldn’t stop till one began to beg

Out came the lotion

To soothe all the pain

But soon the itsy bitsy itchy

Climbed up the leg again


And who could forget this children’s classic…..

“The Rollator Wheels”

(Sung to “The Wheels On The Bus”)

The rollator wheels go round & round, round & round, round & round

The rollator wheels go round & round all through the town

The bladder in the store goes drip drip drip, drip drip drip, drip drip drip

The bladder in the store goes drip drip drip all through the mall

The leg in the bed goes shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake shake shake

The leg in the bed goes shake shake shake all through the night

Alternative verses:

The toe of the shoe goes scrape, scrape, scrape

The person in line says You don’t look sick, you don’t look sick, you don’t look sick

The letter in the mail says to donate more, donate more, donate more


Worth the price of admission!


Lavish costumes?

“MS The Musical” has ’em.

(Who else would wear such tacky outfits?)



All building toward the big finale…..

“Must Stop The Bleeding”

(Sung to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”)

She’s just an MS girl.  Welcome to her crazy world

She can’t remember a name–what a forgetful dame

He’s just an MS guy, tells no one, gotta lie

He stumbles, he trips–his shirt stained with drips

It goes on and on and on and on

Must stop the bleeding

Prees to slow the seeping

How’d I get that scrape on my knee–eee?

Must stop the oozing

Probly think I was boo-ooz-zing

How’d I snag my pants right there-ere?

“MS The Musical”

Critics are raving (to get out of the theater!).

Coming soon to an MS clinic near you!



10 Replies to “MS The Musical”

  1. LOL! So many outstanding MS Musicals. Talent I cant believe. I like the itsy bitsy itchy cause that speaks to me. Of course Cant Stop the Bleeding is a Journey song! Also my wheels going round and round all the day long lol

    1. Kim,
      Thank you for the curtain call. I’m like you–think I have fleas at times! Not sure if it MS or a hygiene issue!

  2. Freaking awesome!! Definitely my favorite! Damn you for getting the new versions of those songs in my head! Love it my friend.

  3. OMG. That’s just flippin’ awesome. Love the memories that I hadn’t thought of. 🙂

    1. Speck,
      Thanks for the positive review. Sorry there are no head-banging songs you like!

  4. Ooooh, I like Journey even less now than I did before reading this! For the rest, though, fabulous work! I don’t quite know how you’re going to get line dancers with MS, though. :-S 😀

    1. Gale,
      Thanks you for the kind words but why you hatin’ on Journey? I mean yeah they get played a lot, but they are catchy numbers…don’t you think? As for the line dancers, we will simple cast folks from the MS tv commercials–they can do anything!
      Thanks for checking in & commenting. Appreciate your time!

    1. Marian,
      So thankful you checked in! My rope is short but I’m still hanging, for sure!