Postal Boogers

Postal Boogers


Enjoy this old, old My Odd Sock from 2013.  It is so yucky it deserves a 2nd look!  (New stuff coming soon!)




We’re in a sticky situation here.

One from which we need to wash our hands of the problem.

(And use anti-bacterial lotion if available.)




You see, we seem to be up to our noses in ooey, gooey….Postal Boogers.


Nice cuticles!


Everything from coupons to credit cards to those stinky, perfume samples are being sealed, cemented & stuck with ropy, glutinous postal boogers.


Retailers, financial institutions and businesses alike have thumbed their noses to the old standard of adhesive tape…in favor of the new, cutting-edge, postal-booger technology.






In the My Odd Sock research for this report (all thirty seconds worth), it appears the creator of this gummy product was a first-grade teacher from Springfield, Missouri.

The inspiration came from the student’s papers she was grading.



Peel gently


Long story short, this former educator ran with the idea and is now wiping up the market.

Unfortunately, success has its sticky side as consumers have begun to turn their noses to the seemingly large amounts of postal boogers found in their daily mail.

“It’s draining,” said one homeowner, referring to the time needed to wipe away the goo.



Wow, that's a snootful!

My Odd Sock recently collected all of the postal boogers from just one weeks worth of mail.

Faint of heart, please look away.

(Yes, it IS sickening, but that’s the sacrifice I make for the humble amusement of my half-dozen readers.)

Gathering of the mire has become a necessary ritual of my day as I shred a large amount of the mail received in our home.  (Postal boogers are trouble for a paper shredder–as are caramels to a Doberman!)



Postal boogers.  Are we stuck with this new form of adhesion?

Have you noticed an increase in the amount of flow in your daily postage?

Forget the flu.  We now have a greater problem of congestion to fight.

Pass the tissue, please.


4 Replies to “Postal Boogers”

  1. I’ll still take this over the thought of someone licking an envelope! I think we need to wear gloves for all our activities, anymore!

  2. My sister takes my documents once a week to shred. As a curtosy, I remove the postal boogers, as I agree with your comment as to what they can do to a shredder. After reading your blog, I will no longer be able to do this task, without a follow-up of Purell!! 🙂

  3. Muff,
    A Haz-Mat suit is more like it.

    What to do with the boogers once you remove them–what to do!

  4. Lots of sticky goo every week. But at least we know a machine shot that snot and not the licked variety that seems to always be there. Loved your post as usual! 🙂