My Odd Sock’s MS Face Masks

My Odd Sock’s MS Face Masks


Put one on!

In the age of personalized everything why not your face mask?

(You ARE wearing one, right?)

Shop around and you will quickly notice there are NO face masks catering to those of us with multiple sclerosis.

That is, till My Odd Sock enters the fray!

Here are a few ideas of how a MS face mask might look.


Phew! both!
And again. And again.
Stretch it out.
Hugs accepted.
You bet!
It’s difficult.
Help me.
That’s gross.
Twice-A-Day please.
Tell me again.
Amen brother.
Heard that one before!

What would YOUR MS mask say?  Let me know with a comment!

We are still in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic yet it amazes me how wearing a mask has become so polarizing.

Look, wearing a mask isn’t against your rights or suggested to interfere with your breathing or to make you look silly.  It’s recommended for the protection of your health, your life and to that of others.

I see it this way, if workers at the neighborhood store have to wear a mask all day, the least I can do is respect their space and strap a mask over my grille.  We all should.

Wear a mask.  Please.


4 Replies to “My Odd Sock’s MS Face Masks”

  1. Love the masks, but I’m so over this! Always love your posts. Keep on keepin on ☺️

    1. Joanne,
      I understand your displeasure of wearing a mask, but it is something you must continue as # of cases continue to rise. I figure the more I wear a mask when out-the less people have to see my ugly mug.
      Thank you for your comment!

  2. I heard a doctor say ” if you think wearing a mask is uncomfortable, just imagine what it feels like to wear a ventilator “.

    My 50th High School Reunion has been postponed for the second time from August 22nd to May of next year to protect our classmates. I was thinking if we had to attend wearing masks, it would be a masquerade party rather than a reunion.

    The RNC is coming to Jacksonville in August, face masks optional. I knew Trump was an idiot, but what is wrong with our city officials ???

  3. Margaret,
    You made me laugh with your masquerade quip–very funny!
    I agree with you about the convention. Though I don’t see it happening, but it is like people/officials/politicians are afraid to stand up to the orange moron. I don’t get it.
    Love you! Keep fighting !