Talking Telehealth

Talking Telehealth


Connect me.

So an upcoming MS check with my specialist will take place via telehealth.

My first time.  And I have so many questions!

Nothing about MS, mind you.  But about everything else.


First off, what will we talk about?

I’m doing fine.  Plugging along.

I’m happy with my treatment regimen (Ocrevus for MS, Botox for spasticity & ageless beauty).  I am pleased with my daily Baclofen (again for spasticity) and Citalopram (for murky depression).

I’m cool for refills.

No changes, no problems.  Nothing different from my last umpteenth visit.  Appointment over, right?

I mean, there won’t be any vision check, timed walk or touchy finger-to-nose test.  No snacks or refreshments, so what else is there?


Secondly, what will I wear?  Is this a formal gig?  Business casual?  How about t-shirt & gym shorts (my usual attire)?

I suppose a shave & shower would be smart.

Me on vacation.



A haircut could be in order too.  Without a haircut since the beginning of the lock-down, I am looking like Tom Hanks from the movie “Castaway.”



Lastly, where in our home do I hold this appointment?


You need the proper background for a telehealth meeting.  Looking around at the walls, my choices include…

Shine on me.




Eh, too presumptuous.






I can’t fib.




Nah, too judgmental.






Fine art.




Pfft, too silly.

With that I realize I need a middle-of-the-road wall background…AND an interior designer!



There is just TOO much pressure on me for this telehealth shindig.

Have you experienced telehealth?  How did you handle it?  Let me know in a comment as I need your advice.

One thing is for certain, pandemic or not, telehealth is here to stay.  So I tell myself to get used to it…Make the best of the situation…Also, be thankful for the opportunity to speak to a medical pro about my MS.

That’s what I’ll do–you do the same.  And if you need a poster of Cosmo Kramer–you know where to find me.

Keep moving.






2 Replies to “Talking Telehealth”

  1. When my Neurologist secretary called to tell me he was not seeing patients in the office, she gave me the option of a video or phone call. I chose the phone call because I have trouble holding my head up and I didn’t want the doctor to be looking the whole time at the top of my head.

    I treated the appointment like usual and had my list of questions ready. What I didn’t like Is that you don’t have the opportunity for ” show-and-tell” and the doctor cannot test your strength, etc. Also, you are unable to tell if you have your doctors full attention, or maybe he’s reading his text messages, or catching up on his favorite show on Netflix.

    For your Telehealth appointment, I would just wear your usual, and don’t forget to trim your nose hairs 🙂

    1. Margaret,
      Thank you for your telehealth insight!
      Agreed about the “show & tell”. If they can’t test your strength, vision, ect–what is the use? How can they compare to previous appointments?
      Anyway, maybe looking at the top of your head the doctor could admire your luscious mane.
      And I’ll have you know I trimmed my nose hairs just the other day thank you very much. Had to unclog the sink after! 🙂