Sneaky Snacks

Sneaky Snacks


Taste it…


Hmm, maybe I’ll have a snack.

Not really hungry just something to tied me over.

A nosh.

Just pecking on a bit.

You know the feeling.


Time to amble over to the pantry and take a looksy to see what I can find.  Always something in the pantry, right?


Looks yummy.

Behold on the third row down I spied something promising.

Hidden amidst the tortilla chips, saltines & protein bars was this box of cauliflower crackers.

Well well well, interesting, I thought.  

And nacho-flavor to boot.

From the picture they looked like a nacho-flavored Cheez It made from cauliflower.  A win-win-win for me!


I’m all in as I plunged my hand into the box to grab a few to enjoy.  Just a few mind you.  This was just a snack.

Needed my bifocals!



What I found were tiny TINY nacho-flavored cauliflower crackers…barely the size of my thumbnail.


You have got to be kidding me.


Craftsman never lies.



These things were barely an inch square.

They made Cheez It’s look the size of a ceiling tile.

I drop bigger crumbs than that down my shirt.



How many you say?


Why…how many do you have to eat?…


Whoa, a serving size is 44 crackers!

I don’t believe I eat 44 crackers in a year, let alone at once.

If I ate 44 crackers in one sitting I would need an insulin pump.

Who doesn’t love cauliflower flavor?


Then again, according to the box these crackers are made with REAL cauliflower.

Yeah, none of that fake, artificial cauliflower flavor here.

So it’s no wonder you could eat 44 of them at one time.


Honestly though, these crackers weren’t bad at all.  Granted I didn’t eat a full serving but they were sneaky good.

Sneaky snacks.  Just don’t let size fool you.


6 Replies to “Sneaky Snacks”

    1. Tina,
      Just don’t take the “44 cracker challenge!” Thanks for checking in!

  1. These sound interesting, and like something Dan and I should try. Hope I can find them the next time I go grocery shopping. Cauliflower chips, who knew? 😉

    1. Jennifer,
      Yeah they were pretty good-you’ll just have to hide them from Dan. Thank you so much for your comment!

  2. What is even sneakier is when you buy a product and the bag is 90% air !

    FYI my snacks can talk, they are always luring me to open the pantry or the refrigerator. The chocolate yells the loudest 🙂

    1. Margaret,
      I’m like a snack–sold by weight not volume.
      Very funny about your snacks! “Chocolate yells the loudest”…that’s why I stay away from Nestle Crunch bars. Thank you as always for your comment!