The Infusion Room

The Infusion Room


Written by a real drip.

There were only four of us in the infusion room on this particular day. 

Four of us with arms exposed.

IV’s in.

Drip, drip, dripping away.



All four of us sharing the dreaded ick, multiple sclerosis.

But how different each of us were when you really thought about it.


There was the lady on the far end.  White.  Mid-to-late 40’s.  Newly diagnosed.  Getting her first infusion and nervous as all heck.

She was seated across from a younger woman in her 20’s.  African-American with a dynamite smile & a positive attitude to match.  She had had MS for several years and was an infusion room veteran like myself.

Next to me was an Amish guy.  Yeah, really.  Dark blue pants, light blue shirt, suspenders–the real deal.  He said he had experienced symptoms for years but was just granted his MS diagnosis last fall.  He too was receiving his first infusion treatment.


What an ass.



Then there was me.  King of the court with 23 years of experience.  The elder MSer.  Taken more shots than Bonnie & Clyde.


Four different people.  Four different stories.

All brought together by one stupid disease.

We were different but we were to same.

MS didn’t care if one of us has a beard to his navel (the Amish guy)…or ears big enough to be brought to you by Dish Network (me).

No.  Multiple sclerosis reaches across all demographics…ages, races, sexes.

MS doesn’t give a rat’s about your income or education.  Where you shop.  What you eat.  Who you know.

MS is a selfish SOB that likes to ravage & ruin.

You may think you are different but we are all basically the same.

Next time you are at the neurologist’s office, clinic or support group meeting–take a good look around.  Check out the faces.  Listen to the chatter.  Watch their gait.

You’ll notice differences but see just as many similarities too.

In six-month’s time I’ll be back in that same infusion room.  With new faces.  Sharing new stories.  And the same ol’ MS being the reason we’ve come together as one. 

Meeting others is the good part of beating the bad!

Keep fighting.  Keep moving.


9 Replies to “The Infusion Room”

  1. True story Doug ‼️ Very interesting stories, all around. Keep on keepin on. Love your blog ❤️

  2. I go to Riverside Hospital for my infusions. One bed, all alone (except for a family member that usually comes to entertain me and assist with bathroom breaks and/or clothing change when needed!). I think I would enjoy having another MSer to yak with while getting infused!

    1. Tina,
      By yourself in a room, yikes. That would be a drag. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. My infusion experience is quite different. Counting Tysabri, I’ve been going for an infusion for 11 years and have probably only been roomed with a MSer a half a dozen times. The Infusion Center is located on a floor that was once hospital rooms, and if I am lucky, I get my own room so I have control of the television. I do not have the dexterity to operate a smartphone, or any similar device, so watching TV is my only option. On occasion, when I do share a room, they have something other than MS. Our conversations are limited, they are on their electronic device, and I’m just watching TV.

      1. (continuing)…but this infusion room has open windows looking out to a busy hallway–so I spend my time watching people. The Amish guy fell asleep and snored like a bear. It was funny!

  4. Thanks Doug. Off for my 4th infusion on the 29th. As a PPMSer, I’m so glad that DMT is available for me.

    1. Sherry,
      Good luck on the 29th! Yeah, I’m glad too. I didn’t take anything for 9 years (after bouts with the injectable meds). Very happy with Ocrevus. Thank you for commenting! Keep in touch!