Let’s Eatery

Let’s Eatery


Dine in or carry out!

Restaurants have been around as long as we humans have been hungry.  Through the years known as diners, cafes, canteens and a host of other names.

But a new name of a restaurant is getting popular in my area.

Places are calling themselves an “eatery.”


That’s a new one.



Well, at least I thought “eatery” was a new term, but in fact the word has been around since the early 1900’s.  I had no idea!

Because “eatery” is becoming more popular these days, maybe it’s time we had some new names for restaurants.  

Here are a few I came up with…



Consumption Junction?

Fork & Pork?


Eh, maybe that last one is already being used. 

Here are some other new names to replace “eatery.”

Chow Cow  (all-you-can-eat buffet)

Graze Craze  (a place for vegans)

Posh Nosh  (upscale dining)

Nibbler  (appetizers only)

Gum Chum  (soft foods for toothless patrons)

Gobble Guzzle  (food AND drinks)

Gnaw ‘N Chaw  (tough steakhouse)

Fat Attack  (better known today as “Sonic”)

Scarf & Barf  (for those with eating disorders)

and finally…

Bacteria Cafeteria  (a health inspector’s nightmare)


P.S.  After  a nice meal, I like to stretch out and relax for a bit.  That’s why the couch has become better known as the Digestion Station.

No snoring please.




4 Replies to “Let’s Eatery”

  1. CORE LIFE sounds more like a Fitness Center.
    Not my best work, but this is all I got
    Meals R Us ( kids AND adults get a toy )
    This may be a repeat comment, not sure if my previous one went through

    1. Margaret,
      Thanks for your comment. Just like Toys R US, Meals R Us would be out of business as well!