10 Years

10 Years


What does it mean?

I am not a numbers guy.

I don’t believe numbers influence life’s decisions or events like some may think.

But looking back I begin to wonder.

The number ten, or a factor of ten, really seems to rule what is going on in my world lately.


For example, February of 2009 was my last day of working.

Ten years have passed since.  (And I haven’t really missed it!)

It was ten years ago I went on disability.

Also this summer will be the tenth year of writing this goofy blog.

Pretty weird , huh?  Well, the plot thickens…

Last year my wife & I had our 30th anniversary (a factor of 10).

Meanwhile next year will be the 30th year in our home.

My father passed away twenty years ago this summer.  And my mother-in-law has been gone ten years in November.

It gets weirder.

Just last week I got a phone call from my MS nurse practitioner informing me she is leaving the Cleveland Clinic after working there for twenty years.  (Incidentally, twenty was also the number of years I worked at my last job.)

Oh and how long have I been seeing this person for my MS?  You guessed it, ten years!

Even weirderer…

I have twenty bucks in my wallet.

My car gets thirty miles per gallon.  (Both factors of 10).

Used sparingly!


And there are only ten dental flossers left in the bathroom.  Which, for as often as I remember to floss…should last me the next, you guessed it–ten years!



I look to you for an explanation of this phenomenon.  Do you believe in the meaning of numbers?  Has a certain number influenced your life?  Let me know with a comment to share with everyone.

By the way, there are three hundred words in this post.


6 Replies to “10 Years”

  1. February 2009 also has significance for me. That was the month I had a MAJOR exacerbation, which put me in a wheelchair, unable to move from the waist down. That same month I also stopped working after 31 and 1/2 years and started to receive disability. I know it’s weird, but I always do things in multiples of 3. I proofread 3 times, check to make sure the doors locked 3 times, listen to a voice message 3 times, etc. The advantage is I never make a mistake, but it drives my friends and family crazy when I asked them “to check it again”. Also, age is just a number.

    1. Margaret,
      I must listen to a phone message three times because I can’t remember the call-back number to write it down. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I thought of something else I do numerically. I always put ” settings” on even numbers, like my thermostat, speaker volume, TV remote volume, etc. I told you I was weird. 🙂

    1. Margaret,
      That is very interesting. You are not weird. Your preference for even numbers is…..odd.

  3. Again, good read. I always think numbers mean things, but only to me, because they are random and fleeting. Don’t have a lucky number or a lucky date. I just take each day as it comes . I do have to agree with checking things at least twice, if not three times. Either an MS thing or just type A personality! Thanks Doug, I’ve missed your blog 😉

    1. Joanne,

      I have MS, type A personality, and OCD, so if you put it all together, I guess that’s why I do the things I do. I drive my friends and family crazy. 🙂