Shopping At The Club

Shopping At The Club


Let’s go shopping!

They go by names like Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s & the Warehouse Club but the business is the same…membership stores selling product in outrageously humungous sizes.

This is confirmed by the fact that the shopping carts come bigger than my Honda Fit.

Having just received a sale catalog from a neighborhood Sam’s Club, let’s go shopping together to see what we find inside.  (YOU can push the cart.)




Here we have some first aid stuff for boo boos.

Quite frankly, if you need this much Neosporin or Band-Aids, maybe you should call an EMT.

You might be better off with an IV & a tourniquet to stop the bleeding.


Eat’em up.



There is no limit on packages of delicious Johnsonville Brats.

The only limit is when your cholesterol count reaches four digits.


Easter Bunny on hyper-drive.




Easter will soon be here so Sam’s Club offers “sweet savings” on candy.


But if a crème egg isn’t enough, you can always get the kids jacked-up on 5-hour Energy & Red Bull.


Wet music




This floating speaker comes in plenty handy to drown out your cries of help in the swimming pool.






Save three bucks on Jack Links jerky.

(Sasquatch no where to be found.)



Tasty fun.



Stock up on Reddi Wip Whipped Topping in the 3 pack size.

Perfect for young lovers & honeymooners.

(Comes with a free insulin shot.)


I want this!



Here is something I think is kind of cool!

And if it sinks you could always use a floating speaker to play a swan song.



Burnt again!



Here’s a cooking tip:

If you need non-stick spray to make pasta, it may be smarter to get take-out.



White meat or dark?


Lastly, we have Tyson Chicken Chips.

Now exactly where on the chicken are the chips?

Must be near the nuggets, I suppose.



That does it for my shopping list.

Tell me about your trip to the club store in a comment while I head to the checkout.










2 Replies to “Shopping At The Club”

  1. I’ve never been a member of “The Club”. When my parents were members, they would buy things and split between my family and my sister’s family. If I do need something in big quantities, I just go with one of my friends who is a member of “The Club”. I would definitely want one of those swan floaty things. I was trying to determined, is it too big for a swimming pool, or do you have to use it in a lake or the river, or LAND? It says it is made of PVC. I wonder how you transport it ?

    1. Margaret,
      You raise some very important concerns about the floating swan. I will leave it for you to find the answers. Good luck in your quest. Thank you for your comment!