Given Up?

Given Up?


Well, have you?

Have I?

Have I bowed out?

Pulled out?

Backed out?

Copped out?

Ducked out?


Have I given up?  Have you?


I was reading an online advertisement about a new brand of sweatpants.  The makers claimed them to be the most comfortable, thinnest, stylish brand on the market.

“You (and others) won’t even know they are sweatpants” the ad boasted.

Because “comfortable” and “stylish” are in my wheelhouse, I clicked on the comments to read what others thought.

Comment after comment after comment described adults wearing sweatpants in public as a resignation.

Bailing on looking presentable.  Ditching pride for loose-fitting fleece.  Abandoning all for sweats with PINK blazoned across the ass.


Looking good?

I pushed away from the laptop and looked down at my own togs.


Black, loose & swishy.

From October to late April I pull on a pair of sweats nearly every day.

Oh I have jeans.  And Dockers too (because I am over 40 thus required by law).  But I can count on my fingers the number of times they are worn during the year.

I wonder if I have washed my hands of fashion?

Do I still look acceptable in public?

Yo ho ho.


Or have I surrendered?


Mostly I blame multiple sclerosis for my fashion choice.

The lighter to wear–the easier to move kinda thing.

Plus no buttons & zippers to fumble over when the bladder screams for release.

Just pull down & sit.  Ahh.

What are your thoughts?  Do you share my preference for the loose & flappy?

I haven’t given up.  Neither have you.  I’m hoping we’re just choosing function over style.

Function can be a fine line, you know…and that fine line is made with an elastic waistband!


13 Replies to “Given Up?”

  1. I have given up getting dressed unless I am attending a social event. I go out in public in what I slept in the night before, and I really don’t care . Doctor’s appointments, nail salon, various department stores, my comfort is more important then what others think of me . I know we both agree that getting dressed is a pain in the a$$. I sleep in these long comfy nightshirts . I pick out patterns that could pass for a casual dress . I live alone, basically homebound, and days go by where I don’t see anybody except for my twice a day visit from my personal care assistant, or my neighbor checking to make sure I’m okay . So what is the use in getting dressed ? So you get my seal of approval for dressing loose & flappy? I am not afraid of the Fashion Police, and neither should you !

    1. Margaret,
      The fashion police should arrest me for public indecency.
      Thanks for your honest comment. Always enjoy hearing from you!
      P.S.–Had you pegged for something sheer & satin!

      1. Doug,

        I wear the Sheer and Satin on those “special social occasions” . 😉 😉 Today is my birthday, so I am wearing my birthday suit. So if anyone is getting arrested today for public indecency, it’s going to be me! 🙂

    2. Seal barking in approval! Well, if seals can be happy in their own fuzzy coats…

      I do own jeans, as well as trousers and skirts, a few of those even made of velvet, but I may have worn them only once. Once. There they sit, in the wardrobe, confused because they once heard of a wardrobe leading to Narnia, where such nice clothing is actually worn!

      So, it turns out that comfort is queen.

      1. Very funny, Gayle! If I wore a suit of velvet, others would think I was an Elvis impersonator.
        Thank you for your visit & comment to My Odd Sock!

  2. Ladies wear patterned leggings and are considered stylish. Is it really that different?

    Dealing with this stupid disease, it is necessary to have function over fashion. But I bet you could rock some bejeweled sweatpants 😉

    And don’t even get me started on footwear issues!!

    Thanks for another great essay, Doug!

    1. Jenn,
      How did you know bejeweled sweatpants were on my Christmas list?
      Appreciate your kind words! Keep fighting!

  3. Hi Doug. I’m also all for comfort, loose and flappy (flabby) too. Today is my birthday (58 years young) MS for 38 years. Today, I sucked it up and put on blue jeans and even some mascara. We went to Applebees so yes I should have worn elastic, but wanted to feel like a grown up bday girl! Dress for comfort is how I roll!!!

    1. Joanne,
      Well happy birthday to you! I too wore a pair of jeans yesterday…passed on the mascara though.
      Thanks for your comment!

  4. I have not given up. I am quite the homebody and am less and less inclined to leave my apartment due to MS. Staying home is so much more convenient than going out, therefore when in my apartment it’s sweatpants and the whole sha-bang. However, unless I’m going to a drive-thru or picking up a pizza I’m putting on blue jeans, tying my shoes and looking presentable. And if someone is coming over, I may stay in sweatpants but like to put on shoes. Thanks for posting.

    1. Johan,
      Thanks for sharing your side. MS makes my legs feel heavy enough as it is–jeans makes them feel even heavier. Sweats rule & jeans drool.
      Keep fighting my friend!