The Faces of MS

The Faces of MS


Forehead comes in handy for something.



As you know there are many many faces of multiple sclerosis.

With the help of a novelty item called “Face Coasters” I will try my best to recreate a small sample of our MS challenges & emotions.

Shall we…..


Never a good face.




Doctor:  “I’m sorry but you have multiple sclerosis.”




Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Don’t stop.




“I’m almost to the bathroom.  Almost there.  Almost there.”



Happened again.




“D’oh I didn’t make it in time!”





Damn buttons, snaps & zippers!




The struggles of getting dressed.








The awful aftertaste of Prednisone.








MS constipation.




You got it. You got it.




Completing the nine-hole peg test without dropping a single peg!




Using a napkin to cover the tablecloth.




Hoping no one notices the mess you made at the dinner table.




Not again.




“Mind if we borrow your parking pass?”




It’s all an act.




Putting on a good face despite your MS.




God no. Not here!




Passing gas during an MRI.




Right in front!




“Look there’s an open handicap space!”








“Someone left a shopping cart there!  $%#?%!!!”









6 Replies to “The Faces of MS”

  1. Wilson W. Wilson from ‘Home Improvement’? Okay, maybe not, but that’s what sprang to mind on seeing the first of your photos there.

    1. Gale,
      Good one! Never thought of Wilson! He’s never profiled in one of those “Where Are They Now?” stories because no one knows who he is!

  2. Oh my! You covered all the MS problems I can think of. Love your faces 😆 sad the handicap places are hard to find, even up front nowadays….