A mixed bag.



What’s left when all is done.

Nary to waste a single morsel, here are a few remaining topics found deep in the folder.

Leftovers.  My Odd Sock style…..





Can’t sleep?  Try reading this petty website before sack-time.

If that doesn’t work, Bose has your answer.

Get’em now!

Bose introduces their new product for a good night’s sleep.

They’re called Sleepbuds (earplugs).

And you can own a pair of Sleepbuds (earplugs) for a mere $249 smackers.

Sleepbuds (earplugs) drown out all the noise (just like earplugs) so you can doze away in restful slumber.

Peaceful dreams.

Sleepbuds (earplugs) are comfortable and noted to be “smaller than a penny.”  (Who hasn’t tried to sleep with an ear full of pocket change!)

And the Chairman of Bose insists radiation is not a concern.  (Radiation?  I just want sleep–not a cat-scan!)

At $249, Bose Sleepbuds (earplugs) are out of my price range.


By the way have I mentioned they remind me of earplugs?


Cute Shit


I saw this sign promoting a business…

Who you gonna call?


Kinda clever.  Turd Bandit.

I’m glad the little cartoon Bandit is wearing gloves for such a messy job.

But do you suppose the bandana is to hide the Bandit’s identity…or mask the smell?

Guess I’ll call the number to find out.



Just The Opposite


Bring the kids!


As cute is the name “Turd Bandit” for one business, the “Lone Wolf Gun Shop” is an awful name for another.

What was the name “Trigger Man Gun Shop” unavailable?

How about the “Assassin Gun Shop?”

“Hatchet Man Gun Shop?”


Sign of the times.


“Lone Wolf” is not positive any way you look at it.

Defined as “person who avoids other.”

Synonyms for “lone wolf” include flowery terms such as loner, nonconformist & rogue elephant.

(Certainly not words you’d find on a profile at match.com.)

I was too scared to venture in the door to see what was shaking.

Safe to say the “Lone Wolf Gun Shop” isn’t a Mom & Pop type establishment.

No gumball machine inside.  Don’t ask if they accept American Express.  And don’t expect any change!


Very odd indeed.  But that’s a leftover.  You don’t know what you have till one looks deep and opens every lid.

Till next time.

4 Replies to “Leftovers”

  1. An inquiring mind just had to know……… so I checked out the ‘ Turd Bandit ’ website . Their rates vary as to how many dogs you have . Can they really tell how many dogs are pooping in the yard ? Are they actually counting piles of sh*t, and do they really know how many times a dog poops during the day ? Like I said, inquiring mind just had to know…..

    1. Margaret,
      Thanks for checking into the Turd Bandit. Your efforts have you smelling like a rose…er, like a rose covered in, well, you know.

  2. I’d leave a comment Doug, but when I got to turd bandit, I dozed off til morning, with the stench of s**t in my nose. Thanks for more “pleasant dreams” lmao

    1. Joanne,
      Glad I could stink up your day!
      Thank you for you comment & support.