Bath Time

Bath Time


Soap up!

Life with multiple sclerosis is all about making adjustments.

Small changes to make things easier.

Convenience over struggle.

It’s what coping with chronic disease entails.

But I’m not telling you anything you anything you don’t already know.  It’s what we do, right?


Like my situation lately.  Due to an injury during a fall, I have been unable to safely climb the stairs to use our shower.

Gimme the soap!


Therefore, the kitchen sink doubles as my wash basin.

I’ve gotten quite comfortable shampooing, shaving and washing my pits & privates while standing in the kitchen.


A little TOO comfortable maybe.


Because on this particular day, I was in the midst of getting myself all spiffy-clean…..when there was a knock on the front door.


View of front door from the kitchen sink.


Not a problem most days.  But on this day, I had forgotten to close the front door.


So with shampoo streaming down my face standing there bare-ass naked, I turn to see the TruGreen lawn guy standing at the screen door.



TruGreen knocking.


$@%&?!!!  I backed out of sight. 

Eventually he left the porch to return to his job of treating the yard.

All I could think was…”If he is looking for weeds…he just saw my little one!”



Here is the receipt he left:

Okay, thanks.


“I’m sorry we missed each other today.”

No, I’m afraid we DIDN’T miss each other today.

In fact, I think we saw a bit TOO MUCH of each other!




Poor dude.



Here is a picture of my shell-shocked TruGreen guy still weary from the oft-putting sight of his life.



Meanwhile, later that day…


Looking out the kitchen window above the sink.



Wife:  “The neighbors behind us have their house for sale.”

Me:  “You don’t say.”

Wife:  “I wonder why they are moving?”

Me:  “I haven’t the faintest.”



Yep, life with multiple sclerosis is all about adjustments.  

Like making sure the front door is closed.

10 Replies to “Bath Time”

  1. I bet the TruGreen guy had a story to tell when he got back to the office . It could have been worse, it could have been a Girl Scout selling cookies !

  2. Been there, done that too. It’s always at the most inopportune time and somehow devastating. It’s not like we can run, slam a door fast, or escape fast at all. Love your posts, Doug, you re my head 🤔

    1. Joanne,
      Devastating for him more than me–I could give a crap at this point!
      Thank you always for your kind words & readership.

  3. Maybe…just maybe….he couldn’t really see through the screen door? You know, it’s easier to see out than in if the light is brighter outside. Just thought I throw out a shred of hope that your dignity and your unmentionables went undetected. Sounds like you did the right thing regardless.

    1. Lyla,
      You are thinking clearly…whereas I had soap in my eyes. Appreciate your comment. Thanks for sharing!