MS Tabloid Headlines

MS Tabloid Headlines


Oh brother.

The tabloids.  Journalism at its lowest.

I don’t buy them but I do admit reading the eye-popping, ridiculous headlines while in line at the checkout.

(That’s why they are there, right?)

As much as I enjoy keeping up with the latest alien abduction, Elvis sighting or who is currently dating Bigfoot, I notice the publications never mention multiple sclerosis.


If they did, the headlines might read like this….

Bathroom humor.



Stay still.



Damn displays!



Don’t believe it?



Lame game.



Here’s hope.



Cute guy.


















































Rock ‘N Roll never dies.


















Total nonsense.  And for that I apologize.  Wish the tabloids would do the same.  Although they keep me occupied while the person in front of me WRITES A CHECK.  (Why didn’t I get in the “Cash Only” line?)

If you can think of an MS-related tabloid headline you’d like to see, share it in a comment!

Keep moving my friend.


4 Replies to “MS Tabloid Headlines”

  1. BREAKING NEWS….. Infusion Center gives patient wrong medication…..Instead of Tysabri, patient given Tiger Blood….. Patient now has the face of a Charlie Sheen look alike .

    1. Margaret,
      That’s a good one! Were you a former writer for the mags? Good stuff. Thanks for your input!

    by Willy Makeit. Illustrated by Betty Don’t.

    1. Marykay,
      A true classic! Thank you for adding to this deploring blog! Great to hear from you.