MS Has Taught Me…

MS Has Taught Me…


Attention class!



There is plenty to learn when you have multiple sclerosis.

Here are just some of the valuable things MS has taught me.


MS has taught me…


…how to spell sclerosis, spasticity & exacerbation.

…how to quickly reach my health insurance deductible.

…how falling in grass is softer than the floor.

…to be fond of pull-over shirts.

…getting up from your over-stuffed sofa is a pain in the ass.

…you can never have enough clean underwear.

…how to fall asleep during the most action-packed movie.

…I cut meat like a six-year-old.

…a leg will spasm at the exact moment the needle pierces skin.

…how to lean against a wall to pull up pants.

…I will never work on a NASCAR pit crew.

…to avoid a pillow-top mattress.

…a bib would be nice.

…soap-on-a-rope is a fine idea.

…the more worn-out the shoes, the better.

…not to complain as others have it worse.

…how crumbs get stuck in the folds of a mobility device.

…the slightest uphill or downhill makes me nervous.

…how to pick out the pharmacy rep in a crowded doctor’s office.

…to avoid direct sunlight like Dracula.

…how to scratch my back on ANY surface.

…odds are I will get the wettest in a rain shower.

…orange is my color by default.

…if there are 12 steps to the bathroom, I will begin peeing in 10.

And finally,

…to skip any class taught by Mr. Odd Sock.


What lessons have you learned having MS?

If any,  please share in a comment as knowledge is power!

Keep moving my friend.




4 Replies to “MS Has Taught Me…”

  1. Your posts just make my day. I think most of us learn these lessons quite often. I agree with all of them and I’m gonna add one more. Winter, snow, cold-yuk. I always tell everyone, don’t wait on me. I move very slow and think I’m immune to the cold. It doesn’t bother me, so just go because I find that I’m surrounded by cold babies. I can deal, can you? Keep on keeping on 🤗

    1. Joanne,
      That’s a good lesson! Folks could have frostbite by the time we get inside!
      Thanks for your comments, always!

  2. I love the movie moment…I fall asleep all the time and sometimes at the most action packed moments of a movie. My family used to toss unsalted peanuts in the shells at me to try to keep me awake. And they’ve taken my remote because I start flipping channels when I fall asleep holding it and my hand will clench it like a hawk. Funny stuff as usual Sock. 🙂

    1. Speck,
      That’s funny about the remote! You must have sharp talons!
      Thanks for your comment.