Caption This

Caption This


Quiz yourself!


It has been said a picture is worth a thousand words.

Well we’re gonna find out!

In “Caption This” I will give you a picture and three possible explanations.

Your job, besides staying awake through this lame bit, is choosing the best description of the picture.


Let’s begin…..


This is a hard one.

Does this picture show?:

A)  Varying degrees of MS sensitivity.

B)  Numbness affects MSers differently.

C)  How full is your bladder.





Here we see:

A)  an overview of living with chronic disease.

B)  vast issues faced by those with multiple sclerosis.

C)  an MSers colorful stains/spills on shirt after a meal.




This image illustrates:

A)  low back pain.

B)  lumbar imbalance.

C)  sun-burned nudist.



I know this one!

Here is an example of:

A)  difference between healthy & damaged Myelin.

B)  how MS affects the nervous system.

C)  the tattered electrical cord to an old Hoover.



Think you got this one?

Describe this picture:

A)  An MSer readies their DMT.

B)  Eliminating bubbles from a syringe.

C)  With the high-cost of MS meds, this drip is worth about fifty bucks!



Ready. Set. Go.

You are watching:

A)  an early motorcycle challenge.

B)  motorized chariots.

C)  a race for the only disabled parking spot.



Looks gooey.

This diagram depicts:

A)  the central nervous system.

B)  the vast importance of healthy nerves.

C)  when a marshmallow falls off the campfire stick.



Oh my.

Here we see:

A)  a person having chest pain.

B)  a serious health concern.

C)  when Congress gropes itself.



Lab rat.

This picture shows:

A)  a technician working with stem cells.

B)  a lab is a very sterile environment.

C)  me heating up a microwave burrito.



This is easy-peasy.


This is an example of:

A)  the four types of multiple sclerosis.

B)  how disability affects over time.

C)  four sufaces I cannot walk on.





This diagram explains:

A) types of pain.

B)  how pain affects many with MS.

C)  electrical shock when you don’t ground the Christmas lights.





Here is an illustration of:

A)  the history of MS medications.

B)  the advancements of treating MS.

C)  with all of this in my large intestine–it’s no wonder I’m constipated!



And finally,


Oh the despair.

This picture shows:

A)  how depression is common to multiple sclerosis.

B)  feelings of self-worthlessness are apparent.

C)  how you barely made it through another My Odd Sock.



Now go be productive and make it your best day!





3 Replies to “Caption This”

  1. The final picture the man is thinking “Oh no, not another sexual harassment charge! ”.

  2. Lol I like the sunburn nudists, Christmas shock, the needles look so familiar….well as usual you made me laugh! And yes the race for the handicap spot is so true!