Why Me?

Why Me?

Eat'em up! (I have the scissor skills of a pre-schooler!)
Eat’em up! (I have the scissor skills of a pre-schooler!)

Because I’m fresh out of ideas to write about, please enjoy this My Odd Sock reboot…..


Why me? is a common response when you are served a heaping helping of multiple sclerosis as a diagnosis from a doctor.

Though, one can imagine a “why me?” is common to any major diagnosis, whether it be MS, cancer, diabetes or whatever.

Heck I think I said it when I had a hangnail!  (Dang, those hurt!)



But looking back at my own diagnosis some 15 years ago, my attitude has changed from a “Why me?…..to more of a……….


“Why NOT me?”



“Why NOT me?”  Better me than my wife or kids.  Better me than someone of my extended family.  Or, my next door neighbor.

Better me than my friend who is a delivery driver.  His active workday would have been smothered by MS years ago.  Same with the nurse, a construction worker or the person on the assembly line.


Why NOT me?  Because I have (and still have) a lot of life lessons to learn about myself & others.  MS teaches me about control—control of my actions and emotions.  Let one or the other run loose and what happens?  I stiffen like I’m in a body cast.

MS has taught me appreciation.  A good meal.  A kind deed.  A blue sky.  A gentle touch.


The Funny Meter


MS has even taught me to remain calm when the Funny Meter barges in to tell me laugh factor of this column has flat-lined. 

I need humor CPR—-and fast!

Run along Funny Meter.  Head on over to the grocery, I hear they need some meat weighed in the deli!



open window


I am not happy I have MS (no one is), but it HAS opened as many windows of opportunity as it has closed.

Our job as an MSer is to feel the breeze blowing in through the open one.


Instead of thinking “Why me?”, let’s look at it from the angle of “Why NOT me?” and make a change for the better.



3 Replies to “Why Me?”

  1. You are sooooo right! And I love your sense of humor. It helps big time!

  2. I heartily agree with the why not me. I think part of my feeling is also selfish. Besides ms I also have a heart condition, diabetes and glaucoma. Nothing that has been able to kill me though. The selfish feeling comes when things like what happened last Tuesday occur. I began having severe chest pains and I began to turn kind of funny colors so Sandy (my wife) called for an ambulace. There we were speeding through traffic with no fear of a ticket. The paramedic set up the back of the gurney so I could watch the traffic falling away behind us. What a rush. It is strange but after a couple shots of nitro glycerin and my limit of morphine, things don’t hurt and nothing is scary. The doctors cleared two veins leading to my heart and implanted two stents. I’m back home, feeling well and oh, yeah, that selfish feeling. I beat the grim reaper once again. Thanks for the column and keep smiling!!!